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News 2010

The QCL IA consortium held the second of its two 2010 meetings on November 11–12 in the BEG Houston Research Center. This second meeting focused on those components of the research program involving shelf-edge and deep-water depositional systems. The first day was dedicated to talks that involved a wide range of studies being done worldwide. The second day was dedicated to a deepwater core workshop that included cores from the Wilcox Formation and the Woodbine Group. The meeting was attended by thirty company representatives, technical talks were given by four BEG researchers plus six graduate students who are working on their Master's and Ph.D. projects as part of the QCL research program. Nov 16, 2010

core viewing
Dolores van der Kolk

Dolores van der Kolk (Ph.D. aspirant) recently received a $500 financial support award from the Houston Geological Society. Dolores works as a Graduate Research Assistant with QCL IA and is in her 2nd year working shelf systems of the North Slope and lower 48 Western Interior Seaway. Congratulations Dolores! Oct 25, 2010

Upcoming QCL IA meeting in Houston, Texas at the BEG Houston Research and Core Facility on West Little York Road will be held November 11th and 12th. Geoscientists from all member companies are invited to attend. The agenda will include discussion of deep water systems in the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, New Zealand and Trinidad, West Indies. Oct 21, 2010

The IA had a successful meeting in Grand Junction, Colorado, in September with 16 members attending from nine different member companies to discuss research being done in fluvial/deltaic/shallow marine clastic systems. A good day of discussion on reservoir modeling, shale architecture, and study of these complex systems, in addition to three days in the outcrops of the Sego Sandstone discussing facies to sequence frameworks and how to model these systems successfully in the subsurface. Oct 21, 2010

Sego field trip
Lesli WoodDarrin Burton

Lesli Wood and Darrin Burton visited Marathon's Houston Office Wednesday October 13 for a series of morning talks on research in fluvial/deltaic/ shallow marine depositional systems and review the status the Sedimentary Analogs Database development and searchability, as well as the website rehab that is going on this year. The afternoon was spent with specific teams discussing data, research applicability and prospectivity. Oct 21, 2010


Vishal Maharaj (Ph.D. Candidate) received an award at the Opening Ceremonies of the GCAGS-SEPM Meeting in San Antonio Texas October 8th. The award is for presentation of his research titled "A Quantitative Paleo-Geomorphic Study of the Fluvio-Deltaic Reservoirs in the Atoka Interval, Forth Worth Basin, Texas, U.S.A.".
Oct 21, 2010

Lorena Moscardelli

Dr. Lorena Moscardelli recently visited member company YPF in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she presented a series of technical talks showcasing the most recent work performed by QCL researchers and students. The rest of the visit was spent discussing potential areas of research interest for future collaboration between YPF and QCL. Click photo on right to view larger. Oct 1, 2010

Lorena Moscardelli

Dr. Lorena Moscardelli attended the 18th International Sedimentological Congress in Mendoza, Argentina where she co-chaired a technical session entitled "Mass Wasting Events and Related Sediments." Nine oral presentations and five posters were part of the well attended session where a variety of aspects associated with mass wasting processes were discussed by attendees. Oct 1, 2010

[Technical program: PDF]

Peter FlaigDolores van der Kolk

Dr. Peter Flaig and Dolores van der Kolk visited the Alaska Geologic Materials Center Core Facility in Anchorage and then flew to Fairbanks, Alaska to field-test a boat they will use during fieldwork along the Colville River. Click on photos below to view larger. Aug 16, 2010

Peter FlaigDolores van der Kolk

Dr. Peter Flaig and Ph.D. student Dolores van der Kolk depart today for a 20 day field season in Alaska. The trip includes visits with the Alaska Division of Oil and Gas, BP Exploration Alaska, Conoco Phillips, and the Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys. Peter and Dolores will examine core from the Cretaceous shallow-marine Schrader Bluff Formation and the deltaic Prince Creek Formation at the Alaska Geologic Materials Center Core Facility in Anchorage. They will then fly to Fairbanks and proceed north to the Colville River on the North Slope where they will be joined by Dr. Stephen Hasiotis. The field party will survey and record the facies, sedimentary architecture, and ichnofacies above and below the contact between the Schrader Bluff and Prince Creek Formations in outcrop. Click on photos below to view larger. Aug 4, 2010

Darrin BurtonPeter Flaig

Darrin Burton and Dr. Peter Flaig just returned from a visit to (1) the Energy Resources Conservation Board Core Research Facility in Calgary, Alberta Canada, (2) the Horseshoe Canyon Formation of Drumheller, Canada, and (3) outcrops of the heavily oil-stained tar sands of the McMurray Formation in Fort McMurray, Canada. This fieldwork is part of Ph.D. candidate Darrin Burton's ongoing research into the Quantitative Characterization of Heterogeneity in Tidally Influenced Sandstones.
Jul 19, 2010

Photos from AAPG 2010, poster sessions and presentations. Jul 7, 2010

Dallas Dunlap

Dallas Dunlap completed a successful series of talks at the recent Association of European Geological Societies in Barcelona Spain. The topic of his talk was "Driving geostatistics with geology, a new approach to facies modeling in the Sego Sandstone." Talks centered around modeling tidal bars distributions through facies logs and outcrop observations. Jun 30, 2010

Peter Flaig and Dolores van der Kolk are leading the GeoFORCE 10th Grade Academy on a trip to the Southwestern United States and the Grand Canyon this week. Click on photos to view larger. Jun 30, 2010

Kadira SinghLesli Wood

Kadira Singh and Dr. Lesli Wood won an award for one of the Top 10 Posters presented at the recent AAPG Meeting in New Orleans for their poster titled "Impact of Astroblemes and the Implications for Hydrocarbon Accumulations." Kadira graduated with her Master's of Science in May and has an internship with Anadarko this summer. She is currently seeking employment.
Jun 24, 2010

Dolores van der Kolk

Dolores van der Kolk was a field camp TA in the first part of the summer and plans to do field work for her Ph.D. research in the Schrader Bluff Sandstones in northern Alaska as well as the Blair Sandstones of southwest Wyoming. Jun 24, 2010

Lesli WoodRon Steel

Lesli Wood co-taught the second week of 660A Field Camp with Ron Steel in southwest Wyoming for the first week of June. Dolores van der Kolk is serving as a teaching assistant for the course that included thirty-eight undergraduates. The weather was great and it gave them all a chance to look at the Blair Sandstone, one of the focuses of van der Kolk's dissertation work. Jun 24, 2010


Vishal Maharaj, a doctoral researcher working in the QCL IA, has received a Grant-in-Aid from the William Dow Hamm Memorial Grant fund of AAPG for the 2010 year. Vishal's research involves understanding the effects of subtle and dramatic seafloor topography on the distribution of deep water deposits. Jun 17, 2010


Dr. Peter Flaig has just returned from Milwaukee where he gave presentations on Geology, Alaska, and Antarctica to well-behaved 2nd and 3rd graders at Jefferson Elementary School in Wauwatosa, WI and 4th, 5th, and 6th graders at General Mitchell Elementary School in Cudahy, WI. Jun 8, 2010

Dallas Dunlap

Dallas Dunlap is the newly minted President of the Austin Geological Society for 2010-2011.
May 26, 2010

Dallas Dunlap

Dallas Dunlap will present a series of talks on the processes and best practices for building a 3-D facies model of a complex, tidally-influenced reservoir system using information from outcrop and adjacent subsurface data in the Sego Sandstone of eastern Utah. His presentations will be at the Landmark booth at the EAGE Meeting in Barcelona, Spain, June 14–17th. May 26, 2010


Dr. Peter Flaig was recently invited to attend a conference in Fairbanks, Alaska at the International Arctic Research Center, University of Alaska Fairbanks, to discuss climate change and the Cretaceous Greenhouse of northern Alaska. His invited talk was entitled "A snapshot of a warm Cretaceous Arctic: The Prince Creek Formation, North Slope, Alaska." The talk is available for viewing or download in Powerpoint and PDF formats, along with more information and the schedule of the events for the workshop [PDF]. May 26, 2010

DavilaDarrin Burton

Anmar Davila (M.S. candidate) and Darrin Burton (Ph.D. aspirant) received a $5000 scholarship this summer from the Chevron Energy Technology Company. We congratulate Anmar and Darrin for their excellent work and outstanding research, and thank Chevron for their support. May 26, 2010


Anmar Davila, M.S. candidate with QCL IA, received a SEPM Student Grant to attend the 2010 AAPG Annual Meeting in New Orleans. Anmar presented a poster at the SEPM Student Session entitled "Structural Domains in the Eastern Offshore Area of Trinidad/Venezuela and Their Influence on Paleo-Orinoco Shelf-Edge Delta Architectures." This poster is part of her ongoing thesis work under the supervision of Dr. Lesli Wood and Dr. Lorena Moscardelli. Apr 21, 2010


Dr. Lorena Moscardelli will be co-chairing a session on the upcoming 18th International Sedimentological Congress in Mendoza, Argentina entitled "Mass wasting and related sediments." See session description here [PDF]. View meeting program and schedule here. Apr 21, 2010

LorenaLesli Wood

Dr. Lorena Moscardelli and Dr. Lesli Wood were nominated by the BEG Publication Council, and approved by the Directors, as the Bureau 2010 Publication Award winners! Their publication, "New classification system for mass transport complexes in offshore Trinidad" was published in Basin Research. This paper has already been cited 11 times in the ISI recorded citation index. This is a prestigious honor, selected from amongst a growing list of very important Bureau contributions. Apr 21, 2010


Dr. Lorena Moscardelli is an invited panelist at the AAPG Annual Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana, April 14, 2010. The topic is "The Economic of Diversity—Competing for and Leveraging Employee Diversity in a Global Petroleum Industry." This panel is featured in the April issue of AAPG Explorer on page 60 [view or download PDF]. More information on the issue can be found here. Apr 5, 2010

Lorena Moscardelli

Dr. Lorena Moscardelli will be co-chairing a session on the upcoming AAPG Annual meeting in New Orleans entitled: "Submarine Mass Movements and Their Consequences for Deepwater Exploration and Production." View or download meeting program/schedule here [PDF].

Dr. Moscardelli is also co-authoring two posters with students for the AAPG Annual Meeting:

  • "Structural Domains in the Eastern Offshore Area of Trinidad/Venezuela and their Influence on Paleo-Orinoco Shelf-edge Delta Architectures," Anmar Davila, Lorena Moscardelli and Lesli Wood [abstract].
  • "Tectonostratigraphic Evolution of the Morichito Piggyback Basin, Eastern Venezuelan Basin, "Migdalys Salazar, Lorena Moscardelli, William Fisher, Maria Antonieta Lorente [abstract]. Apr 5, 2010
Lesli Wood

Dr. Lesli Wood will attend the IQEARTH meeting in Charleston South Carolina the week of January 25th. The IQEARTH forum is an SEG initiative sponsored by Statoil to initiate concrete discussions to create a fundamental change in visualizing and predicting subsurface structure, rock and fluid properties; driven by renewed focus on multidisciplinary integration and the new quantitative earth model paradigm. Dr. Wood is on the organizing committee of this multi-year program. Jan 20, 2010

Lesli WoodLorena Moscardelli

Dr. Lesli Wood and Dr. Lorena Moscardelli spent the day with member company Anadarko where Dr. Moscardelli presented a talk on mass transport deposits to a packed house of over 70 Anadarko geoscientists. They then spent the remainder of the day discussing projects in the eastern Gulf of Mexico and West Africa with the project teams. Jan 20, 2010

Lorena Moscardelli

Dr. Lorena Moscardelli presented a talk at the West Texas Geological Society Luncheon in January in Midland/Odessa, Texas, titled "Processes of Late Tertiary-Age Mass Transport and Associated Deposits along the Eastern Mexico Margin, Southern Gulf of Mexico." Some reservoirs in the Permian Basin are believed to have been deposited by mass transport processes. Jan 20, 2010

Peter FlaigDr. Peter Flaig successfully defended his dissertation at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks in December and will be joining the QCL IA staff full time as of January 2010.

Peter's experience includes field work in the Antarctic and Arctic North Slope in studies of fluvial, coastal plain and shallow marine clastic systems.

Peter has already led a team of researchers that included Dolores van der Kolk and Dallas Dunlap to collect LiDAR data and additional stratigraphic sections on the Prince Creek outcrops along the Sagwon Bluffs area of the North Slope last summer.

He plans to continue his work in the stratigraphy of the North Slope as well as expanded research in the Cretaceous and Tertiary units of the Western Interior from Canada to the Gulf Coast, utilizing Lidar to improve quantifying architectural element geometry, lithology and three dimensionality from outcrop studies. Welcome Peter! Jan 8, 2010

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