THSCMP - Palacios High School

Students from Palacios High School collect data at MAT02 (Fig. 1) which is northeast of the vehicular beach access point.

figure 1

Figure 1. Location map of Palacios High School monitoring site MAT02.

Hurricane Ike made landfall on Galveston Island September 13, 2008 as a category 2 hurricane. Owing to the size of the storm, impacts from this hurricane were seen along the entire Texas coast including on Matagorda Peninsula. The storm surge from Hurricane Ike caused vegetation line retreat and dune erosion at MAT02 (Fig. 2). Over the 10 years since Ike’s landfall, Palacios students have been monitoring the recovery and growth of the foredune and seaward movement of the vegetation line at this site (Fig. 2).

Matagorda Peninsula

Figure 2. Post-Hurricane Ike monitoring of dune and vegetation line recovery.