Year Published Author(s) Title
2015 Gono, V., Olson , J. E. and Gale, J.

Understanding the Correlation between Induced Seismicity and Wastewater Injection in the Fort Worth Basin

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A Historical Review of Induced Earthquakes in Texas

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Geomechanical analysis of fluid injection and seismic fault slip for the NW4.8 Timpson, Texas, earthquake sequence.
Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth, v. 121(4), p. 2798-2812

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VS30 Characterization of Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas Using the P-Wave Seismogram Method


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The Effect of Variable Fluid Injection Rate on the Stability of Seismogenic Faults                                                     
ARMA. American Rock Mechanics Association, 51st U.S. Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium, 25-28 June, San Francisco, California, pp.1-7,                                      

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Coupled Fluid Flow and Geomechanical Modeling of Seismicity in the Azle Area North Texas

2018 DeShon, H. R., Hayward, C. T., Ogwari, P.O, Quinones, L., Sufri, O., Stump, B., and Magnani, M.B Summary of the North Texas Earthquake Study Seismic Networks, 2013–2018
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Avoiding Trouble: Exploring Environmental Risk Information Avoidance Intentions

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Stress Orientations in the Fort Worth Basin, Texas, Determined from Earthquake Focal Mechanisms

2018 Scanlon, B. R., Weingarten, M. B., Murray, K.E, and Reedy, R. C. Managing Basin‐Scale Fluid Budgets to Reduce Injection‐Induced Seismicity from the Recent U.S. Shale Oil Revolution

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Natural and Induced Seismicity in the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles

2018 Yust, M.B., Cox, B.R., Cheng, T.

Epistemic Uncertainty in Vs Profiles and Vs30 Values Derived from Joint Consideration of Surface Wave and H/V Data at the FW07 TexNet Station


Haddad, M., Eichhubl, P.

Poroelastic Models for Fault Reactivation in Response to Injection and Production.                                     
Presented at the 52nd U.S. Rock Mechanics / Geomechanics Symposium, Seattle, Washington, USA, 17-20 June. ARMA-18-1321,


Deline, M.B., and Kahlor, L. A.

Planned Risk Information Avoidance: A Proposed Theoretical Model

2019 Fan, Z., Eichhubl, P., and Newell, P.

Basement Fault Reactivation by Fluid Injection IntoSedimentary Reservoirs: Poroelastic Effects

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Onset and cause of increased seismic activity near Pecos, West Texas, USA from observations at the Lajitas TXAR Seismic Array

2019 Hennings, P. H., Lund Snee, J.E., Osmond, DeShon, H.R, Dommisse, R., Horne, E., Lemons, C and Zoback, M.D. Injection-Induced Seismicity and Fault-Slip Potential in the Fort Worth Basin, Texas
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Public perceptions and information-seeking intentions related to seismicity in five Texas communities

2019 Khosravikia, F., Clayton, P., and Nagy, Z.

Artificial Neural Network-Based Framework for Developing Ground-Motion Models for Natural and Induced Earthquakes in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas

2019 Khosravikia, F., and Clayton, P.

Updated evaluation metrics for optimal intensity measure selection in probabilistic seismic demand model

2019 Lomax, A., and Savvaidis, A. Improving absolute earthquake location in west Texas using probabilistic, proxy ground-truth station corrections
2019 Quinones, L. A., DeShon, H. R., Jeong, S., Ogwari, P., Sufri, O., Holt, M. M. and Kwong, K. B.

Tracking Induced Seismicity in the Fort Worth Basin: A Summary of the 2008–2018 North Texas Earthquake Study Catalog


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TexNet: A Statewide Seismological Network in Texas


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Stratigraphic architecture and petrophysical characterization of formations for deep disposal in the Fort Worth Basin, Texas

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Ground Motion Model for Small-to-Moderate Earthquakes in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas

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Spatiotemporal and Stratigraphic Trends in salt-water disposal practices of the Permian Basin, Texas and New Mexico, United States
Environmental Geosciences, v. 26, no. 4


Savvaidis, A., Lomax, A., Breton, C.

Induced seismicity in the Delaware Basin, west Texas, is caused by hydraulic fracturing and wastewater disposal 
In press in Bulletin of Seismological Society of America, available online on August25th

2020 Chen, R, Xue, X., Park, J., Datta-Gupta, A., and King, M. J.

New Insights into the Mechanisms of Seismicity in the Azle Area, North Texas


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Fragility of masonry veneers to human-induced Central U.S. earthquakes using neural network models
Journal of Building Engineering, 28

2020 Haddad, M., EIchhubl, P. 

Poroelastic Models for Fault Reactivation in Response to Concurrent Injection and Production in Stacked Reservoirs
Journal of Geomechanics for Energy and the Environment. 

2020 Horne, E.A, Hennings, P. H., Osmond, J. L and DeShon, H.R.

Structural Characterization of Potentially Seismogenic Faults in the Fort Worth Basin

2020 R. W. Porritt, A. Savvaidis, B. Young, M. Shirley, P. Li

Crustal Structure in Southeastern Texas from Joint Inversion of Ambient Seismic Noise and P to S Receiver Functions


F. Kavoura, A. Savvaidis, E. Rathje

Determination of Local Magnitude for Earthquakes Recorded From the Texas Seismological Network (TEXNET)

2020 Iason Grigoratos; Ellen Rathje; Paolo Bazzurro; Alexandros Savvaidis

Earthquakes Induced by Wastewater Injection, Part I: Model Development and Hindcasting
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (2020)

2020 Iason Grigoratos: Ellen Rathje: Paolo Bazzurro: Alexandros Savvaidis

Earthquakes Induced by Wastewater Injection, Part II: Statistical Evaluation of Causal Factors and Seismicity Rate Forecasting
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (2020) 

2020  Jeong, S., B. Stump and H.R. DeShon Spectral Characteristics of Ground Motion from Induced Earthquakes in the Fort Worth Basin, Texas, Using the Generalized Inversion Technique
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, 110, 2058-2076. https://doi: 10.1785/0120200097.


Staniewicz, S., Chen,  J. Lee, H., Olson,J., Savvaidis, A., Reedy, R., Breton, C., Rathje, E., Hennings, P. 

InSAR reveals complex surface deformation patterns over an 80,000 square kilometer oil-producing region in the Permian Basin
Geophysical Research Letters (2020): 2020GL090151 

2020 Merzlikin, D., Savvaidis, A., Whittaker, S., Bestmann, I.

Data Processing of a local Seismological Network for West Texas Seismicity Characterization
Published in Seismological Research Letters:

2020 Robinson, R., Aiging, L., Savvaidis, A., Hu, H.

Complex shear wave anisotropy from induced earthquakes in west Texas
Published in Bulletin of Seismological Society of America


Haddad, M., Eichhubl, P. 

Poroelastic Modeling of Basement Fault Reactivation Caused by Saltwater Disposal Near Venus, Johnson County, Texas
Published at the 54th U.S. Rock Mechanics / Geomechanics Symposium, Golden, Colorado, USA, 28 June-1 July. ARMA-20-2006. 


Wang, W., Kahlor, L., Moon, W., Olson, H.

Person, Place, or Thing: Individual, Community, and Risk Information Seeking
Published at Sage Journals-  DOI: 10.1177/1075547020986805
Link to PDF:


Horne, E. A., Hennings, P. H., and Zahm, C. K. (2020)

Basement Structure of the Delaware Basin, in Callahan, O. A., Eichhubl, P., eds., The Geologic Basement of Texas: a volume in honor of Peter Flawn    
Texas Bureau of Economic Geology, doi:10.23867/RI0286C6.                                      

2021  Trugman, D.T., Savvaidis, A. 

Source Spectral Properties of Earthquakes in the Delaware Basin of West Texas, Seismol 
Res. Lett.XX,1–13, doi:10.1785/0220200461.


Papers Awaiting Publication or Accepted Pending Revisions

Author(s) Title
Smye, K.M., Hennings, P.H., and Horne, E.A.

Variations in Vertical Stress in the Permian Basin Region
Accepted for Publication in AAPG Bulletin

Grigoratos I, Bazzurro P, Rathje E, Savvaidis

Time-dependent seismic hazard and risk due to wastewater injection in Oklahoma
Accepted for Publication in A Earthquake Spectra. 

Gao, R.S., J.-P. Nicot, P.H. Hennings, P. La Pointe, K.M. Smye, E.A. Horne, R. Dommisse

Low pressure build-up with large disposal volumes of oilfield water: A comprehensive hydrogeologic model of pore pressure change in the Ellenburger Group, Fort Worth Basin, North-Central Texas
Publication in AAPG Bulletin  

Morris, A.P., Hennings, P.H., Horne, E.A., Smye, K.M.

Stability of Basement-Rooted Faults in the Delaware Basin of Texas and New Mexico, USA, Journal of Structural Geology
(In Revision)


Papers Submitted

Author(s) Title
Li.P., Huang G.D., and Savvaidis, A. 

Seismic Features of the Permian Basin Region from Received Function Analysis
Submitted: Tectonophysics (August 2019)

Khosravikia, F., and Clayton, P.

Machine Learning in Ground Motion Prediction
Submitted: Journal of Earthquake Engineering (April 2019)

Khosravikia, F., and Clayton, P.

Influence of Induced and Non-induced Ground Motion Characteristics on Masonry Veneer Vulnerability
Submitted: Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics (November 2019)

J.P. Nicot

Hydrogeology of the Texas Basement
Submitted: The Geologic Basement of Texas: a volume in honor of Peter Flawn. BEG Report of Investigations (July 2020)

Smye, K.M., Banerji, D.A. Eastwood, R, McDaid, G., and Hennings, P.H. 

Facies and Reservoir Properties of the Delaware Mountain Group of the Delaware Basin and Implications for Saltwater Disposal 
In review at Journal of Sedimentary Research as of August 2020.

Li, M. Rathje, E., Cox, B., and Yust, M. 

A Regional Vs30 Map for Texas Incorporating Geology and Vs30 Observation                                                           
Submitted for possible publication in Earthquake Spectra.

Jeong, S.-J., B. Stump and H.R. DeShon

Stress Drop Estimates for Induced Seismic Events in the Fort Worth Basin, Texas     
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, Submitted to the August 2020, in revision.

Li, P., A. Savvaidis

Cross-correlation relocation to identify active faults in the Permian Basin
Submitted to Seismological Research Letters November 2020.

Hennings, P.H., J.P. Nicot, R.S.Gao, H.R. DeShon, J-E. Lund Snee, A.P. Morris, M. 7 R. Brudzinski, E.A. Horne, and C. Breton

Pore Pressure Threshold and Fault Slip Potential for Induced Earthquakes in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area of North Central Texas
Submitted to Geophysical Research Letters (January 2021)

Hennings, P., Dvory, N., Horne., E., and Zoback, M. 

Assessment of fault slip potential of the area of induced earthquakes in the Delaware Basin of West Texas and Southeast New Mexico
Submitted to Geology (February 2021)

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