Dr. Vinyet Baques

Dr. Vinyet Baques
Postdoctoral Fellow
Bureau of Economic Geology
The University of Texas at Austin
University Station, Box X
Austin, Texas 78713-8924
  • Research Interests

    • Formation Mechanism of Paleokarst in the Ordovician Carbonates in Tarim Basin (China). 
    • Understanding the diagenetic processes occurring in carbonate units linked to diapirism (Central High Atlas, Morocco)
    • Diagenesis of non-marine carbonates of the South-East Atlantic Margin (Namibe Basin, Angola)
    • Diagenesis and fluid-fracture evolution in an extensional tectonic regime (Catalan Coastal Ranges, Catalunya (Spain))

  • Education

    PhD in Earth Sciences, 2012, University of Barcelona.
    Thesis: Evolution of fluid-fracture systems in an intracontinental basin: the Penedès half-graben (Western Mediterranean). Advisors: Dr. Anna Travé and Dr. Antonio Benedicto.

    Certificate of Advances Studies (Master’s degree), 2009, University of Barcelona.
    Master’s project: Petrographic and geochemical characterization of the fluid-fault relationship in an extensional setting: the Neogene faults of the Penedès Basin, NE Spain. Advisor: Dr. Anna Travé. 

    Bachelor’s degree in Geology, 2006, University of Barcelona.
    Bachelor’s project: Geochemical determination of the compartmentalization of hydrocarbon reservoirs. Advisor: Dr. Albert Permanyer.

  • Professional History

    Jan 2015 – Current Postdoctoral Fellow, Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG), The Univeristy of Texas at Austin. Advisors: Dr. Qilong Fu and Dr. Esti Ukar. 

    Feb 2013 – Des 2015 Research assistant in the Institute of Earth Sciences “Jaume Almera”, CSIC. Group of Dymanics of the Lithosphere (GDL). Advisor: Dr. Jaume Vergés. 

    Jul 2007 - Des 2012 PhD student. Department of Geochemistry, Petrology and Geological Prospecting, University of Barcelona. Advisor: Dr. Anna Travé.

    Sept 2006 - Jun 2007 Employed at TerraMediterrània S.L. Company, Tarragona (Spain). Geological prospection, core description and laboratory test. 

    Jul 2006 - Aug 2006 Student assistant in the educational cooperation between University of Barcelona and CEPSA E.P., S.A. Field work in the Oriental Pyrenees (Spain) sampling oil prints along the frontal thrust. Advisor: Dr. Albert Permanyer.

    Jul 2004 - Aug 2004 Student assistant in the educational cooperation between University of Barcelona and TerraMediterrània S.L. Geological prospection, core description and laboratory test. 

  • Selected Publications

    Baqués, V.; Travé, A.; Cantarero, I. (2014). Development of successive karstic systems within the Baix Penedés Fault zone (onshore of the Valencia Trough, NW Mediterranean). Geofluids, 14, 75-94.

    Cantarero, I., C. J. Zafra, A. Travé, J. D. Martín-Martín, V. Baqués, and E. Playà (2014). Fracturing and cementation of shallow buried Miocene proximal alluvial fan deposits, Marine and Petroleum Geology, 55, 87-99.

    Cantarero, I.; Travé, A.; Alías, G.; Baqués, V. (2014). Polyphasic hydrothermal and meteoric fluids regimes during the growth of a segmented fault involving crystalline and carbonate rocks (Barcelona Plain, NE Spain). Geofluids, 14, 20-44.

    Cantarero, I., Lanari, P., Vidal, O., Alías, G., Travé, A., Baqués, V. (2013). Long-term fluid circulation in extensional faults in the central Catalan Coastal Ranges: P-T constraints form neofromed chlorite and k-white mica. International Journal of Earth Sciences. DOI 10.1007/s00531-013-0963-8.

    Moragas, M., C. Martínez, V. Baqués, E. Playà, A. Travé, G. Alías, and I. Cantarero (2013), Diagenetic evolution of a fractured evaporite deposit (Vilobí Gypsum Unit, Miocene, NE Spain), Geofluids, 13, 180-193.

    Baqués, V.; Travé, A.; Roca, E.; Marín, M.; Cantarero, I. (2012). Geofluid behavior in successive extensional and compressional events: a case study from the south-western end of the Vallès-Penedès Fault (Catalan Coastal Ranges, NE Spain). Petroleum Geoscience, 18, 17-31.

    Baqués, V., Travé, A., Benedicto, A., Labaume, P., Cantarero, I. (2010). Relationships between carbonate fault rocks and fluid flow regime during propagation of the Neogene extensional faults of the Penedès basin (Catalan Coastal Ranges, NE Spain). Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 106, 24-33.

    Cantarero, I., Travé, A., Alías, G., Baqués, V. (2010). Pedogenetic products sealing normal faults (Barcelona Plain, NE Spain). Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 106, 44-52.

    Baqués, V.; Travé, A.; Benedicto, A.; Labaume, P. (2009). Relationship between fluid flow and tectonic brecciation in the Neogene extensional Vallès-Penedès basin (Catalan Ranges, NE Iberian). Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 101 (1), 4.