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Lucie Costard

Lucie Costard
Research Scientist Associate III
Bureau of Economic Geology
The University of Texas at Austin
University Station, Box X
Austin, Texas 78713-8924

Research Interests

Near-surface geophysics



M.S., Geophysics, University of Kiel, Germany, 2018

B.S., Physics of the Earth System, University of Kiel, Germany, 2014

Professional History

Research Scientist Associate II, Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin (December 2017-Present).

Develop and apply geophysical methods (ground-penetrating radar, electromagnetic induction) in near-surface geological and archaeological studies, produce geologic maps.

Selected Publications

Paine, J. G., Collins, E. W., and Costard, L., 2018, Spatial discrimination of complex, low-relief Quaternary siliciclastic strata using airborne lidar and near-surface geophysics: an example from the Texas coastal plain, USA: Engineering, v. 4, no. 5, p. 676-684, http://doi.org/10.1016/j.eng.2018.09.005.

Costard, L., and Paine, J. G., 2015, Characterizing initial-state conductivity distribution at a CO2 injection site with airborne, surface, and borehole electromagnetic induction methods: Environmental Geosciences, v. 22, no. 3, p. 75-83, http://doi.org/10.1306/eg.06191515004.

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