Dr. Brad D. Wolaver

Dr. Brad D. Wolaver
Research Scientist
Bureau of Economic Geology
The University of Texas at Austin
University Station, Box X
Austin, Texas 78713-8924

My research focuses on sustainable groundwater and surface water management for people and the environment, particularly in semiarid and arid regions, and is grouped in three themes:

1. Ecohydrology: Groundwater-surface water interactions, springs, groundwater-dependent ecosystems, environmental flows, and management of water resources to maintain aquatic habitats.
2. Sustainable Aquifer Management: Groundwater recharge, transport, and discharge processes.
3. Endangered Species Act: Understanding and optimizing the management of water, energy, and land resources with aquatic and terrestrial habitat conservation.

I lead the Water, Landscape, and Species Studies research program. We study how aquatic and terrestrial habitats, some of which may be protected by State and/or Federal programs, intersect with economically important water, energy, and land resources. We provide stakeholders with unbiased, scientifically rigorous research solutions to facilitate species conservation, balance continued economic growth, and assist in developing strategies to prepare for a possible listing. Some of our recent studies include regional-scale landscape and wetland assessments for species awaiting ESA listing determination by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

My expertise includes both surface hydrology and groundwater flow, and integrates field studies with desktop syntheses of structural, stratigraphic, hydrochemical, environmental tracer, hydrogeophysical, and potentiometric data to understand groundwater-surface water interactions, streamflow regime, springs, and groundwater-dependent ecosystems—often within a geographic information systems framework. My interests include innovative water supply strategies, such as aquifer storage and recovery, brackish groundwater, and conjunctive management of groundwater and surface water. I have also worked on Latin American geology and water resource projects in Chile, Colombia, and Mexico.