Earth Science Week Consortium

The Austin ESW Consortium is a group of volunteers from city and governmental agencies, museums, nature centers, universities, and industries that work together to sponsor earth science celebrations in Austin. The 2014 Consortium included the following:

In-Kind Sponsors

Allan R. Standen LLC
Austin Community College
Austin Geological Society
Texas Museum of Science & Technology

City of Austin Watershed Protection
Texas Water Development Board
The Paleontological Society of Austin

NASA Texas Space Grant—U.T.Center for Space Research U.T. Jackson School of Geosciences—GeoFORCE Program
U.T. Jackson School of Geosciences—Non-Vertebrate Paleontology Lab
U.T. Jackson School of Geosciences—Vertebrate Paleontology Lab

USGS Texas Water Science Center
U.T. Solar Vehicles Team
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
GEOS Consulting
American Geosciences Institute

The Paleontological Society of America

Financial Sponsors



Parsley Energy

Austin Geological Society

The Subsurface Library of Midland




Underwriting Sponsor


Parsley Energy




Jackson School of Geosciences


Austin Geological Society


Subsurface Library