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Basin, Area, Region Formation, Group, Sandstone
Alabama Gulf Coastal Plain Tuscaloosa Group
Anadarko Basin Star-Lacey Field
Anadarko Basin West Campbell Field
Appalachian Basin (PA, OH, KY) Oriskany Formation
Black Warrior Basin (AL, MS) Pottsville Formation
Basin and Range (AZ, NV, CA) Basin Fill /Carbonates
Central Florida Region Cedar Keys Lawson
Denver Basin Lyons Formation
Eastern Coastal Plain (MD, DE, NJ) Lower Potomac Group
East Texas Basin Paluxy Sand
East Texas Basin Woodbine Formation
Georgia Basin Tuscaloosa
Georgia Basin Pre-Tuscaloosa
Gulf Coast, Gulf of Mexico Jasper Formation
Gulf Coast, Gulf of Mexico Upper Pliocene
Gulf Coast, Gulf of Mexico Lower Pliocene
Gulf Coast, Gulf of Mexico Upper Miocene
Gulf Coast, Gulf of Mexico Lower Miocene
Gulf Coast, Gulf of Mexico Oligocene
Gulf Coast, Gulf of Mexico Wilcox Group
Illinois Basin St. Peter Sand
Los Angeles Basin Repetto Formation
Maverick Basin Olmos Formation
Michigan Basin and Ohio Area Mt. Simon Formation
Oklahoma Arbuckle Group
Palo Duro Basin Texas Granite Wash
Permian Basin Dean Formation
Permian Basin Dollarhide Field
Permian Basin Spraberry Formation
Permian Basin Queen Formation
Permian Basin Wolfcamp Formation
Permian Basin Yates Formation
Powder River Basin Fox Hills_Lower Hell Creek
San Juan Basin Morrison Formation
Sevier Basin & Kaiparowitz Bench Glen Canyon Group
South Carolina Coastal Plain Cape Fear Formation
Williston Basin Madison Group

Click here for "RI0283. Geological CO2 Sequestration Atlas of Miocene Strata, Offshore Texas State Waters"


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