Basin Fill Sandstone and Carbonate Aquifers, Basin and Range (02)

Arizona, Nevada, and California

Comments on Geologic Parameters

02 Permeability/Hydraulic Conductivity:

Simulated transmissivity values, from which permeability is inferred, were presented for carbonate aquifers in Nevada by Prudic and others (1985). The distribution of low-permeability consolidated rock, including tuff layers and intrusive bodies was shown by Harrill and others (1988).

02 Map:


02 Reference:

Harrill, J. R., Gates, J. S., and Thomas, J. M., 1988, Major ground-water flow systems in the Great Basin region of Nevada, Utah, and adjacent states: U.S. Geological Survey Hydrologic Investigations Atlas HA-694-C, scale 1;1,000,000, 1 sheet.

Prudic, D. E., Harrill, J. R., Burbey, and Thomas J., 1995, Conceptual evaluation of regional ground-water flow in the carbonate-rock province of the Great Basin, Nevada, Utah, and adjacent states: U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper P-1409-D, 102 p.

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