On Tuesday and Wednesday, January 28th and 29th, 2020, GCCC co-hosted the 5th University of Texas Conference on Carbon Capture and Storage (UTCCS-5) with the Texas Carbon Management Program (TxCMP).

More than 100 participants attended UTCCS-5, including this dinner talk by Dr. Varun Rai, director of the Energy Institute at the University of Texas at Austin.

Download the program here.

More than 100 participants joined the UTCCS-5 to learn about the latest updates from the University of Texas at Austin experts on carbon capture and storage.

Representatives from CCS groups at Battelle, Baker Hughes, BHP, BP, ExxonMobil, JX Nippon (Petra Nova), Shell, Oxy, Total, Trimeric, USGS, DOE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory, Environmental Defense Fund, Clean Air Task Force, and others attended.

Participants joined either the carbon capture track organized by the UT Chemical Engineering Department and Dr. Gary Rochelle. Or the geological storage track, organized by GCCC. The storage track focused largely on the geological applications, infrastructure, and stakeholder relations within the CCS process.

The first day of the storage track was dedicated to presenting project updates on GCCC’s 5-year Big Plan which describes our research group’s aspirations for the forward-looking direction of cutting-edge research, guided by the need to upscale CCS to a commercial level. GoMCarb results were also shared. The day ended with a tour of the carbon capture demonstration plant on the UT Austin’s J.J. Pickle Research Campus (photos below).

During the second day, presentations continued, working through the various tasks in the Big Plan. Afterward, a couple of hours were devoted to closed session discussions with GCCC Industrial Associates, answering questions and receiving feedback on what remains ahead in research in order to push CCS towards wide adoption within energy industries.

The University of Texas Conference on Carbon Capture and Storage takes place every other year in conjunction with the biannual GCCC Industrial Associates meeting. This is the fifth iteration of the conference.

View a list of the presenters and their talks below.


Contact research program coordinator, Emily Moskal (emily.moskal@beg.utexas.edu), for access to the presentation slides.

Day 1, Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Welcome, Gary Rochelle and Susan Hovorka

Plenary: Meeting the Dual Challenge, Jane Stricker and Susan Blevins

Leslie Savage, Texas Regulatory Environment for CCS

Benjamin Heard, Gulf Coast Sequestration

Ramon Trevino and Alex Bump, Progress in the Gulf of Mexico

Tip Meckel, Addressing Subsurface Aspect of Large-Scale CCS

Susan Hovorka, Cost of Characterization to Prepare for Permitting

Katherine Romanak, International Engagement

Rachel Lim, Stakeholder Challenges and Perspectives

Emily Moskal, Dialogue in the CCUS Ecosystem

Seyyed Hosseini, GCCC New Projects

Darshan Sachde, Overview of CO2 Capture, Transport, and Infrastructure in the Gulf of Mexico

Katherine Romanak, Environmental Field Studies

Tip Meckel, Status and Plans for Offshore Monitoring

Ramon Gil-Egui and Vanessa Nunez-Lopez, The Impact of 45Q and Stacked Storage in the CO2-EOR Sustainability

Vanessa Nunez-Lopez, Fluid Flow Research in Collaboration with Imperial College London

Sahar Bakhshian, Prediction of CO2 Footprint: A Hybrid Pore-Scale Simulation and Analytical Modeling

Varun Rai, CCS…It’s Time!

Day 2, Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Larry Lake, The Effect of Compressibility and Boundaries on Displacement Stability

Shayan Tavassoli, CO2 Storage in Gulf Coast Saline Aquifers and Pilot Case Study of Wellbore Leakage Mitigation for CO2 Storage Projects

Xiaojin Zheng, Zhuang Sun, D. Nicolas Espinoza, Uniaxial Strain Unloading Compressibility of Frio Sand: Implications on Reservoir Pressure Management for CO2 Storage

Prasanna Krishnamurthy, CO2 Migration and Trapping in Heterogeneous Porous Media

Seyyed Hosseini, Analytical Models of Plume Migration and Stabilization

Jiro Tanaka, Tomakomai CCS Demonstration Project: Project Update

Susan Hovorka, Monitoring Needs: Well Surveillance and Plume Stabilization

Susan Hovorka Presenting Curt Oldenburg and Lehua Pan’s Work, Mechanistic Modeling of CO2 Leakage into the Water Column from Offshore CO2 Wells or Pipelines

Susan Hovorka, Discussion with Sponsors

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