The 15th International Virtual Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies will take place from March 15th to 18th, 2021. GCCC will have a large presence there with researchers giving nine presentations over three days.

DateTime in UAE (For Full Session)SessionTrackPresenterTopicAbstract
3/155-6:40 p.m.2F-Environmental Impacts & Remediation6Susan HovorkaAssuring long-term storage of captured CO2: technical-legal-policy-business modelsAbstract
3/162:20-4 p.m.5B-Geological Site Characterisation2Alex BumpAdapting petroleum exploration tools to identify and prioritize potential CCS sites offshore Texas and LouisianaAbstract
3/167-8 p.m.6C-Panel Discussion 4-“CCUS in the oil and gas sector”3Susan HovorkaPanel
3/1712:10-1:50 p.m.7C-Panel Discussion 5-“Closure issues,-CA LCFS 100 years and EPA 50 years vs EU performance based”3Susan HovorkaPanel
3/172:20-4 p.m.8E-Regulatory & Legal5Katherine RomanakTechnical monitoring considerations for advancing CCS projects under the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard in relation to other global regulatory regimesAbstract
3/1812:10-1:50 p.m.10B-Storage Engineering2Sahar BakhshianPredicting the CO2 footprint in saline aquifers: a numerical-analytical hybrid modelAbstract
3/182:20-4 p.m.11B-Storage Capacity Assessment2Tip MeckelCO2 injection well build-out scenarios for achieving 2DSAbstract
3/182:20-4 p.m.11B-Storage Capacity Assessment2Vanessa Nuñez-Lopez Rethinking Carbon Geologic Storage Capacity: an approach with practical considerationsAbstract
3/182:20-4 p.m.11G-Storage Costs7Susan HovorkaCost of qualifying a storage site for permittingAbstract

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