On October 29, 2019, GCCC of the University of Texas at Austin partnered with two universities in Trinidad and Tobago, and IEAGHG, to host a symposium aimed at building the dual-island nation’s capacity for carbon capture and storage as a part of its national carbon emission reduction and climate change mitigation strategy. The symposium reviewed international projects, outlined the foundation already in place for CCS in Trinidad and Tobago, and surveyed the potential for further development and technical support from international partners.

The symposium, hosted on the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) campus, also explored pathways forward for obtaining United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and other funding sources (World Bank and Caribbean Development Bank, for example) for national program development that has propelled many nations to modernize industry for the future.

Find the full agenda here: thecermproject.com/ccs-symposium.html

Speaker bios here: thecermproject.com/speakers-and-presenters.html

Read a previous press release on the topic here: jsg.utexas.edu/news/2019/05/partnership-seeks-to-fight-climate-change-and-help-caribbean-nations-economy/