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4th International Workshop on Offshore Geologic CO2 Storage and STEMM-CCS Open Science Meeting

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11-12 February 2020
Find a recap of the event on the IEAGHG blog.

STEMM-CCS Open Science Meeting

Find presentations on the STEMM-CCS website here.


4th International Workshop on Offshore Geologic CO2 Storage

Download the IEAGHG official meeting report of the workshop here.


PDF presentation slides

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Download individual presentations:

Tim Dixon, STEMM-CCS open science meeting and 4th International Workshop on Offshore Geologic CO2 Storage

Gunn Mangerud, CCUS activities in Bergen

Philip Ringrose, Use of existing infrastructure and knowledge: examples from Northern Lights project

Russ Gilbert, How to develop storage near & around existing infrastructure

Filip Neele, Stefan Belfroid, and Aris Twerda, CO2 storage in depleted gas fields

Sarah Gasda, Plugging and abandoning well strategies for storage development

M. LandrØ, Geophysical monitoring in the overburden, what can we detect?

Jen Roberts, Pressure, faults, and CO2 leakage

Tim Dixon, Update on the London Protocol CO2 Export Resolution

Martha Roggenkamp, Legal aspects of re-use of infrastructure for carbon dioxide storage (offshore)

Brian Hill, SECARB Offshore Gulf of Mexico available and leading practices

Philip Ringrose, Northern Lights: a European CO2 transport and storage network

Paula Negrais Seabra, Lula Oil Field CO2-EOR project update

Jiro Tanaka, Tomakomai CCS demonstration project

Darin Damiani, US storage resource assessments

Michael Godec, SSEB SECARB Offshore Gulf of Mexico Partnership

Gry MØl Mortensen, NORDICCS and BASRECCS: Nordic and Baltic collaborations

Filip Neele, Rotterdam CCUS project Porthos

Russ Gilbert, Acorn CCS: project update

Andrew Jupiter, Update on the development of a national carbon capture and storage programme in Trinidad and Tobago

Se Won Chang, Current status and future plan for CCS in Korea

Katherine Romanak for Chi-Wen Liao, Emerging CCS country needs and progress: Taiwan

Tip Meckel, GoMCarb update

Tim Dixon, Global sum-up




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