2014 Think Corner

Paradigms Lost?

CEE 2014 Annual Meeting:
Houston Branch - Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Conference Center
December 3-4, 2014

CEE’s 2014 annual meeting, like many annual meetings before it, and other “think days” throughout the year, brought together a wide range of stakeholders in the realm of energy economics, and friends of CEE, for a no-holds-barred, confidential discussion about the future economics of a key energy issue.


Bakken Oil Transport
September 2014

Rail transports most of the crude from the Bakken. Could Canadian pipeline projects that are on the horizon potentially help move this crude east and undermine rail's dominance?

Industrial Gas Demand 
June 2014

CEE has developed a projects database for gas-intensive industries, which can add significantly to natural gas demand in the U.S. We provide a summary of projects under development with their likely gas consumption.

Power Plant Retirements 
May 2014

Large capacities of power plants have already been retired and more are expected. Most of these retirements have been and will be coal fired plants, mostly older with relatively low and/or decreasing capacity factors. Still, coal generators were critical in Northeast and, to a certain extent, Midwest in the winter of 2014 when gas supplies were constrained due to transportation bottlenecks. See the article for an analysis of past and future retirements and possible implications.

Natural Gas Storage
April 2014

Compared to average end-of-winter levels, gas storage is at its lowest level in recent history. So why is the summer-winter prices spread the lowest in a decade?

Liquids Questions 
April 2014

NGLs have provided uplift to upstream economics but liquids markets have their own dynamics. Recent price collapse, especially for ethane, undermines the uplift. We investigate ethylene cracking as the main market for ethane and raise questions on how the midstream business might be changing.

Midstream & Long Term Impacts of Price Spikes
March 2014

The midstream and the winter of discontent: what do the price spikes mean for the long-term?

A 40 TCF Market?
February 2014

A high case scenario with implications from CEE analysis.

Is U.S. LNG Competitive?
February 2014

Our views on potential LNG value chain costs.