2006 Think Corner

What should India's long term refining strategy be?
Dr. Bhamy Shenoy, Dr. Gürcan Gülen

During the last 30 years, with the exception of short periods following the two oil shocks of 73 and 79, investment in refineries has never been attractive in regions where market forces decided the product prices. Yet, the world was awash in excess refining capacity during most of this period. Utilization rates were less than 75% in most regions. Many of these refineries were built either for export purposes or energy security reasons. In 1980, there was 20 million barrels a day (BD), or roughly 30%, more refining capacity than the world demand for products. Starting in the early 1980s, North America and Europe lowered their excess capacity while improving their utilization rates. At the same time, refining capacity continued to expand in the Middle East and Asia...

CEE Think Day on Canadian Energy
March 9, 2006

CEE held a Special Think Day on Canadian Energy. Click below to download Think Day agenda and speakers' presentation slides.

The event was sponsored by the Canadian Consulate General-Dallas and the Canadian Consulate General.