2016 News


  • December 20-21 - CEE hosted a representative from Mexico’s CNH for follow up discussions on courses conducted in November and review of US practices .
  • December 7 & 8 - The 21st CEE Annual Meeting was one of the best by all accounts, showcasing CEE’s new Electric Power Research Forum with two diverse panels on emerging technologies and the future of competitive electricity markets; providing thought-provoking discussions on “Politics Schmolitics;” exploring challenges faced by the “Gas Bridge;” and more.


  • November 29 & 30 - 2nd Annual SGA/Bureau of Economic Geology 3 “E’s” Dialogue. Dr. Gülen participated in two panels, one on natural gas fundamentals and another on environmental accountability, reporting results from CEE’s dispatch modeling (using AURORAxmp) of various scenarios on gas prices, renewables, environmental regulations and coal retirements, nuclear retirements, and wider electric power research.
  • November 16-17 - CEE delivered a fourth short course under the auspices of our US Department of State-Energy Bureau technical assistance grant in Mexico, focused on unitization agreements, in Mexico.
  • November 4 - Mr. Quijano gave a presentation on Mexico's energy reform at the CAPA/SPRE Technical Symposium at the Marathon Oil Tower.


  • August 30 - CEE held a Think Day in collaboration with Jonathan Stern and Howard Rogers at OIES on Gas & LNG demand.
  • August 19 - Dr. Gülen presented the Marcellus shale resource assessment done with the BEG at the Potential Gas Committee – Petroleum Technology Transfer Council joint workshop.
  • August 16 - Dr. Gülen presented on the oil price cycle and implicaions for the power sector at thePetroleum Engineers Club in Dallas, Texas.
  • August 2 - Dr. Gülen presented on Eagle Ford productions sensitivities at the URTec Conference in San Antonio, Texas as part of the BEG’s Shale Study team.
  • August 1 - Dr. Michot Foss participated in a panel discussion on energy futures at the URTec Conference in San Antonio.


  • June 28 - CEE held its Mid-Year Meeting which focused on Electic Power Markets. Drs. Gulen and Tsai led the meeting themed "Are 'We' Asking too Much of Electricity Markets?" Marc Spitzer, former FERC Commissioner, was the lunch keynote speaker.
  • June 20-24 - Dr. Foss lectured at the Graduate Research Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) and the Institute for Energy Economics Japan (IEEJ) in Tokyo. Dr Michot Foss and Prof. Hisanori Nei, former nuclear energy regulator and energy specialist, met with senior business and government on oil, gas and power market developments. Dr Michot Foss, Prof. Nei, and colleagues from IEEJ toured the Onagawa Nuclear Station hosted by Tohoku Power Company to observe progress in re-powering the nuclear units. Onagawa survived the 2011 earthquake and tsunami because of higher site elevations and other safety measures in the plant design.
  • June 7 - Dr. Gulen delivered the keynote address at the Gas Power 2016 Conference.
  • June 6 - Dr. Michot Foss served on a panel on state energy issues for the Republican Lt. Governors Association (RLGA) conference in Austin. 
  • June 1 - Dr. Foss participated in the CENTRA Technology board of experts meeting in Washington D.C.


  • May 31 - CEE hosted a Think Day with Mr. Flower on our LNG supply paper and main findings from our China-India case study
  • May 24 - Dr. Michot Foss addressed CEE’s producer benchmarking analysis at the Hart DUG Permian conference in Ft. Worth .
  • May 19 - Dr. Gulen presented on the oil price cycle and implicaions for the power sector at the GCPA Houston Luncheon.
  • May 17 & 18 - Dr. Gulen presented two papers on shale economics at the SPE/IAEE Hydrocarbon Economics and Evaluation Symposium in Houston. Papers are available through OnePetro.
  • May 9 - Dr. Foss served as a panelist for the SPE Tight Oil/Liquids Rich Gas Workshop in Austin, Texas.
  • May 3 & 4 - Dr. Michot Foss conducted the second program in Mexico in part with the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN) as CEE implements a cooperative agreement with U.S. Department of State – Bureau of Energy Resources (DOS-ENR) for upstream technical assistance


  • April 28 - Dr. Foss attended the Energy Intelligence Group advisory board meeting in Washington D.C.
  • April 26 - Dr. Foss presented on natural gas markets to the board of directors, Salt River Project, in Phoenix, Arizona.


  • March 24 - Dr. Foss attended the Texas Bankers Association conference in San Antonio, Texas.
  • March 10 & 11 - Dr. Michot Foss and Dr. Gülen led a two-day workshop related to the DOS-ENR grant for work in Mexico. It was the first short course in a series of six to take place in Mexico City for policy and regulatory officials on upstream agreements. CEE will be updating and undertaking new research coincident with the DOS-ENR grant to include a new edition of CEE's Guide to Electric Power in Mexico.
  • March 8 - Dr. Foss delivered the keynote at the Houston Geological Society Mudrocks Conference.


  • February 18 - Dr. Foss attended the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas' Trilateral Conference on U.S., Canada and Mexico Economic and Monetary Policy.
  • February 16 - CEE hosted a Think Day on Iran and The Middle East with speakers Luc Boyer, Consulate General of France in Houston, and Sara Vakhshouri, SVB Energy International.
  • February 12 - Students from the Jackson School of Geosciences in the Energy and Earth Resources program visited CEE to discuss the state of the industry with Dr. Foss, Dr. Gulen, Dr. Tsai, and Mr. Quijano.
  • February 11 - Mr Quijano attended The Baker Institute's event The Rule of Law and Mexico's Energy Reform. This day-long series of panel discussions brought to light several important issues related to global energy markets, investment protection, oversight, and regulatory issues that facing by the Mexican government as this reform continues to unfold.


  • January 15 - Dr. Foss spoke at the IAPG Houston Young Professional Chapter kickoff event titled "The way ahead for Oil and Gas Yound Professionals."
  • January 11 & 12 - Dr. Gulen was invited to present at the University of Texas Energy Institute (UTEI) energy journalists workshop.
  • January 6 - CEE hosted its third Nuclear Energy Roundtable focused on economic and development issues January 6 with keynote speaker Lady Barbara Judge.