2015 News


  • December 9 & 10 - The agenda and presentations from our 20th Annual Meeting have been posted on the Think Corner. These invitation-only, confidential discussions offer unique insights to participants on key energy sector trends and inform CEE's future research agenda.
  • December 1-4 - Dr. Michot Foss and Mr. Quijano traveled to Mexico City to kick off work on a two-year grant from the Department of State-Bureau of Energy Resources. The grant is focused on Mexico oil and gas upstream technical support.


  • November 18 - Dr. Gulen and Mr. Quijano attended the IPAA Supply and Demand Committee's Meeting at the Four Seasons Hotel in Houston.


  • October 23 - CEE hosted a Think Day on Canadian Energy Politics. CEE advisor Bob Skinner joined us to lead a discussion on a range of topics including elections, oil sands, natural gas and others.
  • October 21-23 - Deniese Palmer-Huggins spoke at the Annual OSU Midstream Conference in Stillwater, OK.
  • October 19 & 20 - Dr. Foss participated in Haddington Venture's advisory board meeting in Newport Beach.
  • October 16 - Dr. Foss served as a moderator for a conversation on energy infrastructure security at the Border Energy Forum in San Diego, California.
  • October 15 - Dr. Foss traveled to Birmingham, AL to speak at Southern Company's annual fuel price workshop.
  • October 13-16 - Mr. Quijano attended the Border Energy Forum in San Diego.
  • October 4-9 - Dr. Foss traveled to London to participate in the Oil & Money Conference as well as the Energy Intelligence Group advisory board meeting.


  • September 30 - Dr. Gülen will travel to Mobile, AL to lecture on developments in the energy sector at the Fall Conference for Steel Tank Institute and the Steel Plate Fabricators Association. See the STI/SPFA website for more info).
  • September 23-25 - Deniese Palmer-Huggins delivered a presentation on Energy at the Ernst & Young Conference in Chicago, Illinois.
  • September 21 - The CEE hosted a Think Day on Asian gas & LNG with a focus on India and China. Andy Flower and Bhamy Shenoy joined the discussion to add their expert insights on the subject.
  • September 3 - CEE staff attended the Society of Petroleum Resource Economists (SPRE) monthly meeting on September 3 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at Rice University's Shell Auditorium. Please see the SPRE LinkedIn page for more information on this event and the group.


  • August 24-26, 2015 - The CEE, in conjunction with the McCombs School of Business, hosted managers from CNOOC for a three-day pre-investment descision course. Classes were led by senior CEE staff.


  • June 9-14 - Mr. Quijano attended the Mexican Petroleum Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico.
  • June 1-5 - Dr. Foss presented initial results from CEE’s global gas demand research at the World Gas Conference in Paris.


  • May 24 - Dr. Gülen took part in a workshop to present BEG’s shale resource assessment with Dr. Scott W. Tinker and Dr. Svetlana Ikonnikova at the 38th IAEE International Conference in Antalya, Turkey
  • May 5 - CEE held its mid-year meeting on May 5th to report out on ongoing research projects covering the energy value chain. Snapshots from some of this research can be found at our Think Corner.
  • May 5 – CEE held its mid-year meeting to report out on ongoing research projects covering the energy value chain. Snapshots from some of this research can be found at our Think Corner.
  • May 4 – Dr. Foss gave talks at three different events associated with the Offshore Technology Conference.


  • April 28 – Dr. Gülen, Ms. Palmer-Huggins and Mr. Quijano presented CEE research at the BEG Industry Day.
  • April 28 – Dr. Foss was a panelist at the World Bank Extractive Industries Week.
  • April 15-16 – Dr. Foss, along with the director of the Bureau, Dr. Scott Tinker and associated directors and other researchers from the Bureau, participated in the Latin American Forum on Energy & the Environment in Mexico City.
  • April 9-10 – Dr. Gülen participated in the 2015 Austin Electricity Conference.
  • April 9 – Dr. Foss attended the NAESB Board Meeting.


  • March 30 – CEE held an invitation-only Think Day to discuss its ongoing research on natural gas demand in China.
  • March 11 – Dr. Foss spoke at the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research oil market conference in Abu Dhabi.
  • March 6-8 – Dr. Michot Foss spoke at the annual Windsor Energy Group consultation at Windsor Castle.


  • February 26 – Deniese Palmer-Huggins participated on the Second Annual Impact of Oil and Gas panel on prices.
  • February 16 – Dr. Foss discussed oil and gas supply and economics together with Dr. Svetlana Ikonnikova of BEG at the UT Energy Week 2015 at the University of Texas campus in Austin. 


  • January 9 – Dr. Gülen discussed shale developments with attendees of the monthly meeting of the Turkish chapter of the IAEE in Istanbul.