2006 News


  • December 7-8 - CEE held its 2006 Annual Meeting. In addition to CEE reports on the milestones achieved in the past year and plans for the upcoming projects, the annual meeting featured presentations by Dr. Jonathan Stern (OIES), Shirley Neff (AOPL), Mike Juden (McKinsey & Company), Andrew Slaughter (Shell E&P), and Dick Snyder (CenterPoint Energy).


  • November 7 - CEE released a Review on Offshore LNG Receiving Terminals. The briefing paper was developed to provide a public domain source of information on the diverse array of offshore LNG technologies and options as well as related issues and considerations. It was developed through CEE's Consortium on LNG and is the latest addition to LNG briefing papers that comprise the online Guide to LNG in North America, which can be accessed on CEE's LNG page.
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  • November 3 - Delegations from Ghana and Nigeria have completed their two-week stay in Houston. The study tour on natural gas was organized by CEE and included lectures at CEE, guest speaker presentations and site visits to local distribution companies, CNG and LNG fleets, and regulatory agencies. [more]
  • November 1- CEE held a Think Day on Africa. The Think Day included presentations of delegations from Ghana and Nigeria, visiting CEE on a study tour on natural gas industry in the U.S. [more]


  • October 30 - CEE welcomed Ms. Harriette Amissah-Arthur, a Directorof the Kumasi Institute of Technology and Environment. She was invited to present at the Gulf Publishing Company's "Women's Global Leadership Conference in Energy & Technology." Ms. Amissah-Arthur presented in a session "Sustainable Development: What are the Duties of Energy Companies?"
  • October 23 - CEE welcomed a group of energy sector professionals from Nigeria and Ghana. The delegations will stay in Houston for a two-week study tour on natural gas. A number of lectures and site visits are planned for the group. [more]
  • October 20 - Guide to Electric Power in Mexico Launched at Border Energy Forum XIII. Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) and the Center for Energy Economics at the Bureau of Economic Geology, Jackson School of Geosciences, the University of Texas at Austin, today released the Guide to Electric Power in Texas .  The guide was launched at the Border Energy Forum XIII in Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico. 
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    "No sustentables CFE y Luz y Fuerza del Centro," Milenio 10/20/06
    "Destacan potencial de las ciudades fronterizas," Milenio 10/21/06
    "Crece servicio de energia electrical en Mexico," Milenio 10/21/06
  • October 17 - On October 17, 2006 Mariano Gurfinkel was a key-note speaker at the IX Rice Global E&C Forum held at th he James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy of Rice University. He addressed the Forum on the prospect for evolution of energy policies in the NAFTA trading partner nations and their implications for economic activity in the region.
  • October 6- CEE held the opening Think Day on Mexican Energy Post-election. It addressed high level issues and scenarios for Mexico's energy sector.  Dr. Ernesto Marcos, long time member of CEE's advisory board, provided an overview of key themes emanating from the national elections and outlined a number of tasks and scenarios going forward. [more]


  • September 24-27 - Dr. Foss and Dr. Gülen took part in the 26th USAEE/IAEE North American Conference in Ann Arbor. At the conference, Dr. Foss received theUSAEE Senior Fellow Award, being recognized for her distinguished contributions to the field of energy economics. Dr. Gulen presented and chaired a session "Energy, Economic Development & Energy Poverty."
  • September 15 - The Guide to Natural Gas in Ghana by RCEER was launched at the International Press Center (Accra, Ghana) during an outreach activity hosted jointly by RCEER and the Institute for Financial and Economics Journalists (IFEJ). The event was chaired by Mr. Kwame Pianim, Chairman of the PURC. The event was attended by about 75 people, including the RCEER Advisory Board members, several TV stations, newspapers and radio stations. The event was conducted as part of CEE's "Smart Development Initiative." [more]
  • September 13 - A Natural Gas Workshop, organized by the Resource Center for Energy Economics and Regulation (RCEER) was held in Accra, Ghana. Dr. Foss and Dr. Gülen provided information on natural gas industry infrastructure, commercial arrangements, investment considerations, case studies on distribution network development and economics of CNG use for transportation. The workshop was attended by energy sector professionals representing a variety of Ghana's entities, including EC, PURC, Ministry of Energy, GOIL, VRA, NPA, EPA, and WAPCO. The workshop was conducted as part of CEE's "Smart Development Initiative."
  • September 13 - CEE has been named a Finalist for the 2006 World Oil Awards in the "Outreach" category. In this category, the Award recognizes "the program that does the best job of teaching the general community about the petroleum industry." Winners will be awarded at the Awards Gala Dinner on October 19, 2006.
  • September 12 - Dr. Foss and Dr. Gülen attended a workshop organized by the Energy Commission of Ghana on natural gas pipeline development in Ghana. The workshop was attended by Ghana's key stakeholders, including the Minister of Energy.
  • September 4-15 - Dr. Foss and Dr. Gülen traveled to Ghana for meetings with various partners of CEE's "Smart Development Initiative."
  • September 1 - CEE welcomed Dr. Chang Hyeun Cho, a Research Fellow of the Korea Institute for International Economics and Trade (KIET). Dr. Cho will spend a few months at CEE studying electricity sector restructuring in the US and Texas, and conducting research on restructuring of the electricity sector in Korea.


  • August 25 - CEE welcomed a group of professionals representing Russia's companies and organizations involved in the LNG industry. Dr. Foss gave a presentation "Global/US LNG Update". The group's visit is organized by the Special American Business Internship Training Program (SABIT) of the U.S. Department of Commerce. The list of visitors included representatives of Yakutgazstroy, Ltd.; Yakutgazprom, JSC; Murmanoblgas; Gazprom; JSC NOVATEK; Federal Tariff Service; Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd.; JSC Sakhatransneftegas; Sakhatransneftegas; JSC GIPROSPETSGAZ; CJSC Sakhalin Projects; LLC NGK ITER; Sakhalin Oil Company; LLC Anivagaz; OJSC Surgutneftegas; and JSC Lenagas.
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  • June 29 - Dr. Foss gave a presentation at the NABC Business Forum's 2006 "Conference on India's Energy Challenges, Opportunities, Strategies & Solutions," in Houston, Texas.
  • June 22 - Dmitry Volkov participated in the Meeting of the Members, Strategic Session & Board of Directors Meeting of the North American Energy Standards Board.
  • June 21-22 - Dr. Michelle Foss participated in the Annual Sponsors' Review-Discussion Meeting of the Gas Research Programme at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, Oxford. Dr. Foss presented her forthcoming paper "US Natural Gas Prices: Scenarios to 2015."
  • June 21 - Dr. Mariano Gurfinkel presented an Overview of North American LNG during the National Commission on Energy Policy's Forum on LNG Facility Sitingheld in Washington, DC. The forum was co-sponsored by The Center for LNG, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the American Chemistry Council and explored the state of siting of LNG facilities in the United States and addressed obstacles and challenges to LNG infrastructure development.
  • June 5-9 - Dr. Foss and Dr. Gülen collaborated with their colleagues from the Gas Research Group at UNIPORT to deliver a five-day course on energy value chains with a special emphasis on natural gas monetization options. The course was supported by the NNPC and Petroleum Technology Development Fund. The course was attended by 24 industry professionals. Click here for course flyer.


  • May 31 - CEE co-sponsored a Lukens Energy Group' Quarterly Breakfast Forum "Climate Change Policy." Kyle W. Danish (Van Ness Feldman, P.C.) was the speaker at the event.
  • May 25 - Mariano Gurfinkel was an invited speaker on "Options for Marginal and Heavy Oil Fields" at the North American present and future reliance on heavy oils workshop held in Villahermosa, Mexico. The workshop is the part of the activities of the Hydrocarbon working group of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. The talk presented a review of the evolution of EOR projects in carbonates in the United States and an introduction to the role of in-situ upgrading in the exploitation of extra-heavy crude oil resources.
  • May 24 - Dr. Foss was a keynote speaker at the International Energy Credit Association's Education Seminar "What is Today's Message from the Markets for Energy?"
  • May 19 - CEE held a certificate award ceremony for 26 delegates of its "New Era in Oil, Gas & Power Value Creation" program. The graduation dinner completed this 6th annual, two-week session of the program. This year CEE welcomed 26 delegates from Angola, Cote D'Ivoire, Ecuador, Ghana, Iraq, Korea, Mexico, Nigeria, Turkey, and the U.S.
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  • May 18 - Dr. Foss presented at the "Energy & Communications Conference 2006" organized by the Texas Society of CPAs, held in Austin, Texas. Dr. Foss provided update on LNG in a presentation titled "LNG: Can We Build It?"
  • May 8 - CEE launches the 6th Annual "New Era in Oil, Gas & Power Value Creation."
  • May 4 - API publishes a report "Oil and Gas Industry Investments in Alternative Energy, Frontier Hydrocarbons and Advanced End-Use Technologies." The research, undertaken by API, was performed by the Institute for Energy Research with support from CEE. 
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  • May 3 - Dr. Foss presented at the OTC Panel Session "Technology Commercialization: Energy Policy Act 2005"


  • April 28 - Joseph Essandoh-Yeddu , Chief Planning Analyst, Ghana Energy Commission, who is in the U.S. for an extended exchange visit at CEE, presented at BEG. He spoke on " Capacity Building in the Ghana Energy Sector: the Contribution of CEE/BEG ". abstract
  • April 27 - CEE held its Think Day on Electric Power Issues, with Ron Norman, PA Consulting, and Brett Perlman , Vector Consultants.
  • April 24 - Dr. Foss gave a keynote address "Forward, Backward, Sideways: Global Energy Redux" for Fuels and Petrochemical Division at the AIChE Spring National Meeting in Orlando.
  • April 22 - Dr. Foss was interviewed for ABC News' show World News Tonight.
  • April 22-26 - Dr. Gurfinkel attended the 2006 SPE/DOE Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery in Tulsa, and presented with Eduardo Manrique of Norwest Questa Engineering the paper "EOR Field Experiences in Carbonate Reservoirs in the United States."
  • April 19 - Dr. Foss was interviewed for an article "Blackouts a fluke now, but in 2010? Texas must build plants - and soon, experts say" published in The Dallas Morning News on April 19.


  • March 24 - Dr. Foss presented BEG Friday's Technical Seminar. The title of her talk was "Update on CEE Activities: Natural Gas Issues and Outlooks."Abstract
  • March 22 - Dr. Gurfinkel was interviewed by Tsuyoshi Nojima of Asahi Shimbum as part of a report on U.S. National and Energy Security. Topics covered ranged from the future of LNG supplies to the promise of heavy oil resources in the Western Hemisphere.
  • March 16 - Dr. Foss was a moderator at a Networking Roundtable at the CWC LNG San Antonio Conference.
  • March 9 - CEE held a Special Think Day on Canadian Energy. Mr. Roland Priddle (retired chair of NEB-Canada), Mr. Phil Ribbeck, (Director of LNG North America, Repsol YPF), Mr. Kin Chow (Chair of the Canadian Society for Unconventional Gas and VP of CDX Canada ), Dr. David Knapp, Energy Intelligence Group, and Mr. Gerald Westbrook (TSBV Consultants) presented at the event. The event was sponsored by the Canadian Consulate General-Dallas and the Canadian Consulate General. Download presentation slides from Think Corner


  • February 18 - March 3 - CEE hosted Mr. Emmanuel Quaye-Foli (Ghana's Ministry of Energy) and Mr. Seth Adjei-Boye (PURC, Ghana) for a two week visit to Houston. During the visit, joined by Mr. Essandoh-Yeddu, who is visiting CEE for a longer period of time, the team learned about the natural gas Texas and U.S. The team visited facilities, regulatory agencies and worked with CEE researchers on various issues of developing Ghana's natural gas market...more
  • February 16 - Dr. Foss spoke at the USAEE Louisiana Chapter meeting. Her presentation, "Energy Roundup: Issues on Deck for 2006," addressed market and policy issues for 2006.
  • February 15 - Dr. Foss gave a presentation "Gulf Coast Oil & Gas within the US and Global Context" at a monthly luncheon of the Lafayette Geological Society
  • February 7 - CEE welcomed Mr. Joseph Essandoh-Yeddu, Director of Strategic Planning and Policy Division at Ghana's Energy Commission for a 6-month stay at CEE for joint research and other activities.


  • January 26-27 - Dr. Foss moderated a panel on LNG Developments at 2000 LNG Symposium "Legal Challenges to Liquefied Natural Gas" organized by the UT School of Law and Texas Journal of Oil, Gas, and Energy Law CLE Symposium, UT-Austin
  • January 23 - CEE organized for the US Department of Energy a workshop on offshore Oil and Gas production in North America.  This workshop was part of Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) North American Forum, with the participation of representatives from the three SPP countries.  The event was hosted by Rice University 's Baker Institute with coordination provided by Florida International University 's Applied Research Center.  Dr. Foss and Dr. Gurfinkel took part in the roundtable discussions.