Current Studies

Exploration Geophysics Laboratory Industrial Associate Program [Link]

Applying Multicomponent Seismic Data to CO2 Sequestration

Multicomponent Seismic Study of Marcellus Shale

Evaluating Geothermal Prospects with P and S data

Extracting S Waves from Vertical-Force Sources

Completed Projects

Processing and Modeling Deep-Water 2D4C OBC Seismic Data [Project Description]

Evaluating Hydrate Systems at Typhoon and Genesis Fields, Gulf of Mexico [Project Description]

Assessing Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico Gas-Hydrate Systems with Multicomponent and Multi-frequency Seismic Data [Project Description]

Processing and Interpreting Multicomponent Seismic Data: Gulf of Mexico Seafloor Observatory [Project Description]

Imaging Deep Gas Targets with Multicomponent Seismic Data [Project Description]

Distinguishing Fizz-Gas and Commercial-Gas Reservoirs [Project Description]

Elastic-Wavefield Seismic Stratigraphy: A New Seismic Imaging Technology [Description]

Exploring for Subtle Mission Canyon Stratigraphic Traps with Elastic-Wavefield Seismic Technology [Description]

Shear Wave Seismic Study: Comparing 9C3D SV and SH Images with 3C3D C-Wave Images [Project Description]

Multicomponent and Multifrequency Seismic for Assessment of Fluid-Gas Expulsion Geology and Gas Hydrate Deposits: Gulf of Mexico [Project Description]

Imaging Ultra-Deep and Overpressured Gas Prospects [Project Description]

Combining a New 3-D Seismic S-Wave Propagation Analysis for Remote Fracture Detection with a Robust Subsurface Microfracture-Based Verification Technique [Project Description]

Characterizing Marine Gas-Hydrate Reservoirs and Determining Mechanical Properties of Marine Gas-Hydrate Strata with Four-Component Ocean-Bottom-Sensor Seismic Data [Project Description]

Integrating P-Wave and S-Wave Seismic Data to Improve Characterization of Oil Reservoirs [Project Description]