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The 2022 Applied Geodynamics Laboratory Annual Meeting be held on Thursday–Friday, November 10–11, 2022. 

Slide Set 40 from the 2021 Applied Geodynamics Laboratory Annual Meeting is available in the Member's Area.

June 2022


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Juan Soto served on the organizing committee of the 2022 EAGE Annual Conference in Madrid June 6-9, 2022. The topic of the conference is "Leading Geosciences in a New Era". 83rd EAGE Annual Conference, Local Organizing Committee


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The Robert Mitchum Award 2022 was given to Oliver B. Duffy, Tim P. Dooley, Michael R. Hudec, Naiara Fernandez, Christopher A.-L. Jackson, and Juan I. Soto for the paper "Principles of shortening in salt basins containing isolated minibasins", Basin Research, 33, 2089–2117, doi:10.1111/bre.12550. This award of the EAGE distinguishes the best paper published in Basin Research in 2021. The award was given in the opening ceremony of the EAGE meeting.

March 2022


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Thank you to Stan Stanbrook, the co-chair of the SEG/EAGE Virtual Workshop on The Deliberate Search For Stratigraphic Traps: Has It Come Of Age? for preparing and sharing the summary poster of the workshop. Thank you to Stan Stanbrook (Murphy) and Sandeep Chandola (Petronas), the committee members and presenters for making this an insightful and thought-provoking workshop.

New Publication:

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Christie, D.N., Peel, F.J., Apps, G.M. and Stanbrook, D. 
Forward Modelling for Structural Stratigraphic Analysis, Offshore Sureste Basin, Mexico
Front. Earth Sci., 17 December 2021 |

New Publication:

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Juan Soto is currently an editor for a special issue of Marine and Petroleum Geology: Regional geology in orogens and sedimentary basins: A tribute to Albert W. Bally. 
The issue will collect a series of papers exploring topics like folded belts, inversion tectonics, and salt tectonics. Regions represented in the volume are for example, the Albian Gap in offshore Brazil, Orpheus Basin in Nova Scotia, Greater Caucasus in Georgia, Messinian salt tectonics in the west Mediterranean, external Albanides, Zagros mountains, Peruvian Andes, and the Carpathians. 
Additional editors are Gabor Tari, James W. Granath, and Joan F. Flinch.


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