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The 2023 Applied Geodynamics Laboratory Annual Meeting be held on Thursday–Friday, November 9–10, 2023. 

Slide Set 41 from the 2022 Applied Geodynamics Laboratory Annual Meeting is available in the Member's Area.

March 2023

Frank Peel


Dr. Frank J. Peel's AAPG Distinguished Lecture titled, "A Lost World Rediscovered: 3D Seismic Data Reveal Spectacular Images of a Jurassic Landscape on the Eve of Louann Salt Deposition in the Gulf of Mexico, with Implications for Salt Deposition" has been posted online. Please click here to view it.




February 2023


Interpretation cover


We are promoting a special volume on Mobile Shales in the journal Interpretation.
The deadline for manuscript submission is December 1, 2023, with final decisions scheduled for April 2024. The special issue will be published in August 2024.
Submission information can be found at here.

Special-section editors are:
Juan I. Soto, Dallas Dunlap, Mike Hudec, Chris Morley, Mark Tingay, and Lesli Wood




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On February 6-9, 2023 over 90 delegates attended a "Reshowing of the 2022 AGL Annual Meeting" via Zoom. All recorded talks from the live event in November 2022 were shown and the lead author(s) were on the stream to answer questions afterwards. The meeting was scheduled to allow member companies in the European, Asian, and Australian time zones to attend.



January 2023


Image of paper

New publication:


Erdi, A., Jackson, C.A.-L., Soto, J.I., 2023, Extensional deformation of a shale-dominated delta: Tarakan Basin, offshore Indonesia, Basin Research,




December 2022


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AGL is now on LinkedIn. Please join our new Applied Geodynamics Laboratory LinkedIn page to follow updates.


Frank Peel


On December 8, 2022 at 1:30pm (CST) AGL's own Frank Peel will be giving an AAPG Distinguished lecture titled, "A Lost World Rediscovered: 3D Seismic Data Reveal Spectacular Images of a Jurassic Landscape on the Eve of Louann Salt Deposition in the Gulf of Mexico, with Implications for Salt Deposition". 

The webinar is free and open to all. Click here to register.


November 2022


AGL Meeting group photo

125 delegates from 18 AGL member companies attended the 34th AGL Annual Review Meeting, held on November 10–11, 2022. Delegates were treated to 23 presentations from AGL scientists and collaborators: Gillian Apps, Shuvajit Bhattacharya, Alex Bump, Tim Dooley, Oliver Duffy, Ivan Fabuel-Perez, Naiara Fernandez, Kate Giles, Gary Gray, Maxime Guillois, Jacob Hardt, Mahdi Heidari, Mike Hudec, Chris Jackson, Lorena Moscardelli, Maria Nikolinakou, Frank Peel, Mark Rowan, Nur Schuba, Mark Shuster, Juan Soto, A. Kurt Tollestrup, Stefaan Van Simaeys, Kenneth Wisian, Jinyu Zhang.

Click here for a pdf of photos from the meeting.

Juan Soto


Juan Soto was Rapporteur and member of the Jury for the PhD Thesis of Gaia Travan at the University of Lillie  (France), entitled “Interactions between Salt Tectonics and Crustal Tectonics in the Mediterranean and in the Barents Sea”, defended in November, 25, and supervised by Prof. Virginie Gaullier.



September 2022


Frank Peel

Frank Peel giving a virtual talk from remote farmhouse in the Pecos de Europa, Spain.



Frank Peel gave a virtual talk on September 4, 2022 at a hybrid conference in Aberdeen University. The conference was "Particulate Gravity Currents in the Environment 2022", and the talk, co-authored by Gillian Apps, was entitled "Don't stir my Guinness! Long distance transport of dense silt-dominant submarine gravity flows: the battle between Guiness waves and turbulent mixing in flows sustained by hindered settling.





July 2022


Figure in paper

Click here for link.




New publication: 

Juan I. Soto, Jacques Déverchère, Michael R. Hudec, Mourad Medaouri, Rabia Badji, Virginie Gaullier, and Pierre Leffondré, Crustal structures and salt tectonics on the margins of the western Algerian Basin, Marine and Petroleum Geology, July 2022, as part of the Special Issue dedicated to Prof. Albert W. Bally,






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Juan Soto was invited by the Imperial College of London to evaluate a PhD thesis studying shale tectonic processes in the South Caspian Basin. The PhD was presented on July 6 ,by Andrew Procter under the supervision of Lidia Lonergan and Mike Mayall.


June 2022


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Juan Soto chaired a session with Maciej Trzeciak (University of Wisconsin) of "Mechanics and physics of shale" for the 56th U.S. Rock Mechanics Geomechanics Symposium held in Santa Fe, New Mexico, June 26-29, 2022.


Figure from publication

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New Publication:

Joan F. Flinch, Juan I Soto, Structure and Alpine tectonic evolution of a salt canopy in the western Betic Cordillera (Spain), Marine and Petroleum Geology, Volume 143, September 2022,; Part of a special issue: SI: Regional geology in orogens and sedimentary basins: A tribute to Albert W. Bally


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Juan Soto served on the organizing committee of the 2022 EAGE Annual Conference in Madrid June 6-9, 2022. The topic of the conference is "Leading Geosciences in a New Era". 83rd EAGE Annual Conference, Local Organizing Committee


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The Robert Mitchum Award 2022 was given to Oliver B. Duffy, Tim P. Dooley, Michael R. Hudec, Naiara Fernandez, Christopher A.-L. Jackson, and Juan I. Soto for the paper "Principles of shortening in salt basins containing isolated minibasins", Basin Research, 33, 2089–2117, doi:10.1111/bre.12550. This award of the EAGE distinguishes the best paper published in Basin Research in 2021. The award was given in the opening ceremony of the EAGE meeting.

March 2022


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Click here to view poster.

Thank you to Stan Stanbrook, the co-chair of the SEG/EAGE Virtual Workshop on The Deliberate Search For Stratigraphic Traps: Has It Come Of Age? for preparing and sharing the summary poster of the workshop. Thank you to Stan Stanbrook (Murphy) and Sandeep Chandola (Petronas), the committee members and presenters for making this an insightful and thought-provoking workshop.


New Publication:

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Christie, D.N., Peel, F.J., Apps, G.M. and Stanbrook, D. 
Forward Modelling for Structural Stratigraphic Analysis, Offshore Sureste Basin, Mexico
Front. Earth Sci., 17 December 2021 |



New Publication:

Marine Petroleum cover art

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Juan Soto is currently an editor for a special issue of Marine and Petroleum Geology: Regional geology in orogens and sedimentary basins: A tribute to Albert W. Bally. 
The issue will collect a series of papers exploring topics like folded belts, inversion tectonics, and salt tectonics. Regions represented in the volume are for example, the Albian Gap in offshore Brazil, Orpheus Basin in Nova Scotia, Greater Caucasus in Georgia, Messinian salt tectonics in the west Mediterranean, external Albanides, Zagros mountains, Peruvian Andes, and the Carpathians. 
Additional editors are Gabor Tari, James W. Granath, and Joan F. Flinch.

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