Water Resources

Hydrologic Needs, Assessment, and Technical Support
for the Panhandle Regional Water Planning Area

Robert E. Mace and Alan R. Dutton, principal investigators; Robert C. Reedy and Bridget R. Scanlon; assisted by Jinhuo Liang, Susan Palachek, and Liying Xu

Senate Bill 1 was enacted in the 75th Texas Legislature to provide the basis for developing a broad-based water-use and management plan for both surface water and ground water for the entire State by 2001. For the Panhandle Regional Water Planning Area, the Bureau is providing support that includes assessing ground-water availability and evaluating the effects of alternative water demand scenarios. A major part of the effort involves building a detailed ground-water simulation model of the northern part of the Texas Panhandle; model boundaries extend into New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Kansas. A geographic information system is being used to prepare spatial data for loading into the model. In 2000, the calibrated model will be transferred for use as a planning tool by members of the Regional Planning Group while the Bureau completes its study of aquifer resources and management strategies.