Water Resources

A Ground-Water Management Model for the Edwards Aquifer, Barton Springs Segment

Bridget R. Scanlon, principal investigator

The purpose of this project is to develop a user-friendly numerical ground-water flow model to guide the management of the Barton Springs segment of the Edwards aquifer. This model will be an important tool for developing a regional water plan in support of the State Senate Bill 1 planning process. The model will be used to evaluate the impact of current and future pumping and recharge rates on water levels and spring flow to help guide management and conservation policy. This model will be better than existing models because it will be designed to follow fault boundaries, consider vertical variations in permeability, and incorporate results of more recent studies on flow paths, permeability, pumping, and recharge. Aquifer information will be organized in a geographic information system before being loaded into a preprocessor for a finite-difference model. Once the model is calibrated with historical recharge, water-level, and spring flow data, we will use it to make predictions of water levels and spring flow for the regional water plan.