The Bureau of Economic Geology The University of Texas at Austin Jackson School of Geosciences
J.-P. Nicot Jean-Philippe Nicot, Research Scientist

Numerical modeling of multiphase flow and contaminant transport in both the unsaturated and saturated zones
Geochemical modeling and reactive transport
Water resources management
Risk assessment and risk analysis
Bridget Scanlon Bridget R. Scanlon, Senior Research Scientist

Evaluation of the impact of climate variability and land use change on groundwater resources
Application of numerical models for simulating variably saturated flow and transport
Assessment of natural and anthropogenic contamination of aquifers, including arsenic and nitrate
Ian Duncan Ian Duncan, Program Director

Environmental geology
Remote sensing (geologic applications of multispectral, radar, and lidar data sets)
Carbon sequestration
Michael Young Michael H. Young, Associate Director - Environmental Systems

Water/energy nexus
Soil/water/plant interactions and solute transport in arid vadose zones
Groundwater recharge
Connections between water resources, landscape development, and human interactions

Robert C. Reedy, Hydrogeologist

Hydrologic data analysis, field instrumentation systems design, and installation
Computer applications and programming-databases, CAD, GIS, Fortran, Visual Basic, data-acquisition systems.

Jeffrey Paine Jeffrey G. Paine, Senior Research Scientist

Near-surface geophysics
Quaternary geology and geomorphology
Coastal geology
Computer applications in the geological sciences
Brad Wolaver Brad D. Wolaver, Research Associate

Water, Energy, and Minerals: Effective groundwater management for energy and mining
Sustainable Aquifer Management: Groundwater flow, transport, and recharge processes
Ecohydrology: Springs, groundwater-dependent ecosystems, and surface-groundwater interactions.
Alexander Sun Alexander Sun, Research Scientist
Sustainable water resources management and decision support systems
Multiphase flow and multicomponent transport in porous media
Contaminant source identification
Modeling and management of karst aquifer systems
Performance assessment for geologic CO2 storage
Gurcan Gulen Gurcan Gulen, Research Associate

Economics of oil & gas value chains
Electricity sector restructuring
Energy policy & regulation

Di Long Di Long, Postdoctoral Fellow

Land surface fluxes modeling from remote sensing
Remote sensing in hydrologic modeling
Hydrologic response to climate change and land use/cover change
Entropy theory in hydrological and environmental engineering
Xianli Xu Xianli Xu, Postdoctoral Fellow

Climate Change and Biogeochemical Cycle
Vadose Zone Hydrology and Ecohydrology
Ecosystems Function and Service (Restoration & Assessment)
Soil Threats Assessment (Sealing, Compaction, Erosion & Carbon Loss)
Water & Energy Home
Brackish groundwater studies and desalination, treatment and disposal
Studies related to hydraulic fracturing, water, and the environment
Power and Water
Publications & Reports