Technical Advisory Committee

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The mission of the Technical Advisory Committee is to fulfill the responsibilities as established in HB 2819, passed in the Texas Legislature in the 85th Legislation Session in order to continue increasing the knowledge related to earthquakes occurring within the State, and improving the safety of the citizens, environment, infrastructure, and economy of the State of Texas. 

To achieve this, the Technical Advisory Committee will provide guidance to the Bureau of Economic Geology regarding its management of the TexNet program and directly related research, and assure State funds are appropriately allocated and expended. 

The Technical Advisory Committee will monitor progress and assess TexNet’s effectiveness, while maintaining its focus on the specific duties and programs as set forth in HB 2819, and will keep the Governor’s office and the Legislature apprised. 

Dan Hill  Professor, Texas A&M University
Chris Hillman City Manager, Irving
Dana Jurick Manager, Seismic Analysis, ConocoPhillips
Hal Macartney Geoscience Manager - Sustainable Development, Pioneer Natural Resources
Kris Nygaard Senior Consultant, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company
Aaron Velasco, new  Seismologist, Texas Railroad Commission 
Brian Stump Professor, Southern Methodist University
Scott Tinker  Director, Bureau of Economic Geology
Robie Vaughn Vaughn Capital Partners, LLC