University of Texas at Austin

TexNet Seismic Monitoring Program

In the 84th and 85th Legislative Sessions, the Texas Legislature tasked the Bureau with helping to locate and determine the origins of earthquakes in our State, and, where they may have been caused by human activity, help to prevent them from occurring in the future. The TexNet Earthquake Monitoring Program was established to accomplish these goals.
The Bureau's TexNet research team has developed the TexNet Earthquake Catalog, a dynamic mapping web page, which provides information on the location of monitoring stations, and recorded earthquakes across the state using the network, beginning in January 2017. The catalog and the ongoing research will help inform Texas citizens so that they can keep their property safe from the impact of earthquakes. We invite visitors to the map and to additional information, found using the menu items, on the TexNet program.

The map below provides the station locations and earthquake events with magnitudes greater than 2.5 reported over the last two weeks. Clicking on the map will access the web page and information. Note: Security settings on some web browsers may restrict features on the map.