Improving Oil and Gas Recoveries in the Clear Fork, Glorieta, Abo, and Wichita Formations

A 1-day workshop will be sponsored by the Permian Basin Section - Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), the West Texas Geological Society (WTGS), and the Permian Basin Geophysical Society (PBGS).

This 1-day workshop will be a forum specific to the Clear Fork, Glorieta, Abo, and Wichita Formations. Topics to be covered include

"Leonardian Platform to Basin Facies Architecture and Hydrocarbon Reservoirs: A Geologic Perspective," presented by Dr. Sal Mazzullo, Wichita State University;

"Leonardian Cycle Stratigraphy: Definition and Application," presented by Dr. Stephen C. Ruppel, Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin;

"Geologic Observations from the Robertson-Wharton-South Harris Units, Robertson and Harris Fields, Gaines County, Texas," presented by John Southwell, Texaco;

"Stratigraphy of the Billy Abo Field, Lamb County, Texas," presented by Mike Party, Wagner & Brown; and

"Reservoir Characterization and Laboratory Studies Assessing Improved Oil Recovery Possibilities for the Teague-Blinebry," presented by Reid Grigg, New Mexico Tech.

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For more information e-mail Stephen C. Ruppel.