Carbonate reservoirs represent a major target within the U.S. and overseas, and delineating and improving recovery of remaining hydrocarbons are an important area of research. Occidental Oil & Gas Corporation of Houston recently hosted Reservoir Characterization Research Laboratory (RCRL) scientists Charles Kerans, Jerry Lucia, and Jim Jennings for a 5-day carbonate reservoir characterization workshop that focused on improved recovery methods developed by RCRL.

The 3- to 5-day course is based on results of RCRL research into improved characterization and recovery from existing carbonate reservoirs. RCRL researchers use an integrated approach, combining core description, outcrop models, sequence stratigraphy, log analysis, petrophysics, reservoir engineering and simulation, and spatial geostatistics to construct numerical reservoir models suitable for fluid flow simulation. The approach is designed for geologists, petrophysicists, and engineers to team up in order to characterize carbonate reservoirs for the purpose of reservoir management and simulation. The course outline includes:

  • Geologic framework and 3-D framework model construction
  • Petrophysical quantification
  • Geostatistical characterization and flow modeling

This course is designed for sponsors of the Bureau’s Reservoir Characterization Research Laboratory Industrial Associates group. Presentations to nonsponsors may be available through special arrangement.

For more information, visit the RCRL Web site or e-mail Charlie Kerans, Jerry Lucia, or Jim Jennings.