• Notes
• Abstract
• Introduction
• The value of research
• Production as a metric
  for research value
   • Oil
   • Natural gas
• Meeting future U.S. 
  energy demands
   • Production
   • Imports
• Energy research
• Summary
• References


Until the late 1800’s, wood was the primary source of energy in the United States (Figure 11 below). Coal became an important energy source in the late 1800’s and dominated the energy scene until the mid-1920’s, when oil and gas became an important alternative to coal. By 1950, oil and natural gas combined had surpassed coal in terms of energy consumption, and they have dominated the energy consumption scene ever since. Today, with the exception of nuclear power, demand for every major source of energy in the United States is increasing. In terms of supply, coal is still the largest source of energy produced in the United States, followed by natural gas and crude oil (Figure 12 below).

Figure 11: Major energy consumption throughout U.S. history.


Figure 12: Energy supplies in the United States in 1999.

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