The Bureau of Economic Geology The University of Texas at Austin
RFP round Project Number 1st PI Co-PIs and Research Teams Title
1 0911_20 DiCarlo, David (PGE) Nguyen, Quoc (PGE); Bonnecaze, Roger (Chem E); Lau (Shell) Development of fracture additive that will enhance flowback and recovery from gas shales
1 0911_6 Milliken, Kitty (BEG) Hayman, Nick (UTIG); Day-Stirrat, Ruarri (Shell) Characterization of Mudrock Pore Systems by Quantitative Analysis of High-resolution SEM Images
1 0911_16 Patzek, Tad (PGE) Marder, Michael (Physics) Physics of Hydrocarbon Recovery in Shales
1 0911_2 Bryant, Steve (PGE) Flemings, Peter (DGS); Nguyen, Quoc (PGE);  Bhandari, Athma (BEG);            Schneider Reece, Julia (BEG);      Polito, Peter (BEG) Mass Transport in Gas Shales
1 0911_14 Olson, Jon (PGE) Laubach, Steve (BEG); Eichuubl, Peter (BEG); Ukar, Esti (BEG) Interaction of natural and hydraulic fractures in unconventional reservoirs
1 0911_7 Nicot, JP (BEG) Mickler, Pat (BEG); Duncan, Ian (BEG); Lu, Jiemin (BEG); Katz, Lynn (CAEE);     Van Oort, Eric (PGE); Impact of Frac Water and Shale Rocks on Evolution of Water Chemistry of Flowback/Produced Water
2 0412_10 Sen, Mrinal (DGS) Torres-Verdin, Carlos (PGE) Spikes, Kyle (JSG); Srinivasan, Sanjay (PGE) Seismic inversion constrained by novel rock physics modeling and geostatistical simulation in liquid-rich shales
2 0412_7 Milliken, Kitty (BEG) Zhang, Tongwei (BEG) Investigation of Oil Storage and Migration in the Eagle Ford Formation by Integrated Geochemistry and Petrography
2 0412_18 Prodanovic, Masa (PGE) Eichhubl, Peter (BEG) Multi-phase physics and matrix-fracture transfer in partially mineralized and propped fractures
2 0412_9 Scanlon, Bridget (BEG) Nicot, JP (BEG);  Duncan, Ian (BEG) Assessment of Brackish Water Use for Hydraulic Fracturing: Case Study Eagle Ford Shale Play

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