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STARR Research and Technology Transfer

Project STARR has made a major effort to produce research using the data available from
our industry partners.

Through our partners, Project STARR is able to review seismic, wireline log,
and core datasets that are not generally available to the public. With permission from the
partners and seismic vendors, Project STARR has received permission to publish some research results.

Project STARR made several major contributions to the understanding of exploration and
development of sandstone reservoirs on State Lands along the Texas Gulf Coast (onshore and
offshore) and to the Barnett Shale Play in the Fort Worth basin:

  1. Understanding growth-faulted, intraslope subbasins by applying sequence stratigraphic principles
  2. Site-specific sequence-stratigraphic section (S5) benchmark charts as key to chronostratigraphic systems tract analysis in growth-faulted basins
  3. Barnett Shale-Gas Play
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