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Reservoir Characterization and Advanced Resource Technology Deployment


The advanced hydrocarbon recovery program applied by Project STARR is based on application of reservoir characterization techniques that delineate un-recovered oil and gas in selected State Lands reservoirs.

Project STARR staff work with operators to deploy advanced reservoir exploitation plans that are based on a thorough understanding of the internal architecture of the reservoir and the effects that depositional systems have on oil and gas accumulation and distribution.

Key to this effort is identification of oil and gas reservoirs that offer economic opportunities. Project STARR recruits field operators who are ready to address and redesign, as appropriate, development efforts currently in place on properties that contain these reservoirs.

Detailed geologic and engineering characterization projects have created quantitative descriptions of several State Lands reservoirs, identified untapped and bypassed compartments of remaining oil and gas, and defined deeper reservoir targets to drill (see list of publications).

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