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The STARR Philosophy

The philosophy of the STARR program is to work with oil and gas operators in the state of Texas to:

  1. Deploy advanced recovery strategies and newly developed technologies on a field-by-field basis to ensure maximum recovery efficiency;
  2. Encourage exploration in under-developed areas or new plays;
  3. Exploit unconventional hydrocarbon resources.

STARR provides technical support, identifying opportunities for increased production and associated reserves. These areas are then drilled by cooperating companies. STARR personnel provide assistance and advice to numerous operators on optimal development strategies, appropriate well-log suites, styles of reservoir heterogeneity and their effects on oil and gas recovery.

STARR works with oil and gas operators in the state of Texas. The most volumetrically significant oil and gas resources in Texas are in the Gulf Coast and the Permian Basin (see figure below), although STARR’s area of operations encompasses the entire state.

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