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The STARR Mission

The original Project STARR was developed to increase royalty income to the Permanent School Fund through working with operators of State Land leases to improve efficiency of producing fields using the latest reservoir characterization technology. During the last Texas legislative session, the State increased the budget for the Project STARR.

In addition to reservoir characterization projects, Project STARR will now look at new venture studies where regional fairways for drilling exploration wells will be emphasized. Also, Project STARR will conduct studies to promote exploitation of unconventional resources such as hydrocarbons from shales, tight gas sands, and low-pressure gas.

The project will also work in conjunction with CO2 sequestration studies to promote profitable sequestration of CO2 in oil fields through CO2 enhanced oil recovery. Texas State Lands operators are invited to participate in Project STARR where they can obtain, without charge, expert technical advice in developing State Lands oil and gas fields.

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