Completed Study
The Shuaiba Formation of North Oman: Core-based High-Frequency Sequence Model
The Shuaiba Formation of North Oman is one of the most important producing formations in Oman. This study of the facies and stratigraphic framework of the Shuaiba in Oman was undertaken as a joint study between OXY Oman, PDO, and the Bureau of Economic Geology with the goal of developing a detailed high-frequency sequence framework and understanding the relationship between the evolving tectonic elements in the region and the distribution of reservoir facies and stratigraphic and-or combination structural/stratigraphic traps. The northern Oman portion of the Bab Basin that is the focus of this study (Figure 1), more than any other area during Shuaiba deposition, bears a strong structural imprint on deposition. Reservoir facies from each of the fields examined are unique in some way. As a result, significant potential remains for exploration by generating a new type of prospect map that looks at intra-Shuaiba/Bab deformation using an isochore between the top of the lower Shuaiba and the Nahr Umr marker.

Map showing location of study area relative to other major Shuaiba fields (A). The fields that are addressed directly in this study are highlighted (B) with the exception of Daleel. The sequence-stratigraphic distribution of these fields and other typical Shuaiba fields is shown schematically.

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