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Duplex Style and Triangle Zone Formation: Insights from Physical Modeling [Description]
Influence of Differential Compaction Above Basement Steps on Salt Tectonics in the Ligurian-Provençal Basin, Northwest Mediterranean [Description]
The Effect of Decollement Dip on Geometry and Kinematics of Model Accretionary Wedges [Description]
Regional Restoration Across the Kwanza, Basin, Angola [Description]
Stratigraphic Record of Translation Down Ramps in a Passive-Margin Detachment: Kwanza Basin, Angola [Description]
Uplift and Thermal History of the West African Passive Margin: a Kwanza Basin Perspective [Description]
Salt Tectonics in Eastern Mediterranean Sea [Description]
Structural Segmentation, Inversion, and Salt Tectonics on a Passive Margin: Tectonic Evolution of the Inner Kwanza Basin, Angola [Description]
Superposed Deformation Straddling the Continental-Oceanic Transition in Deepwater Angola [Description]

Role of Subaerial Volcanic Rocks and Mantle Plumes in Creation of South Atlantic Margins: Implications for Salt Tectonics and Source Rocks [Description]

Neoproterozoic Allochthonous Salt Tectonics During the Lufilian Orogeny in the Katangan Copperbelt, Central Africa [Description]
Modeling of Extensional Systems Detaching on Evaporites [Description]
Modeling of Contractional Systems Detaching on Evaporites [Description]