Completed Study

Pennsylvanian Bituminous Coal, North-Central Texas:
Potential for Coalbed Methane Resource Development

Eugene Kim, principal investigator


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The objective of this cooperative project completed in 2004 between BEG and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) was to provide digital data for inclusion in USGS's National Coal Resources Data System (NCRDS) and a preliminary assessment of the coalbed methane potential of coal-bearing seams of the Pennsylvanian bituminous coals of North-Central Texas. As a multiyear assessment, major accomplishments for FY03 included digital compilation of major background regional data for Pennsylvanian depositional systems and major coal resources, such as the Strawn (Thurber) coals, as well as a comparison with current coalbed methane production from Olmos bituminous

coals in the Maverick Basin. Detailed and updated information on the coal resource in this region, utilizing digital spreadsheets of available data, as well as digitized maps compiled for Geographic Information System (GIS) usage and a comprehensive report in pdf document format was included in the FY03 Annual Report. FY04 tasks included analysis of other coal resources, such as the Canyon (Bridgeport) and Cisco (Newcastle) coals and subsequent data, as well as an overall future assessment of the coalbed methane potential of North-Central Pennsylvanian bituminous coals.


July 2005