Latin America
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Research Opportunities for Students

The Bureau works closely with The University of Texas Department of Geological Sciences and related UT departments to provide graduate students with challenging and practical research assistantships. Over the past 30 years the Bureau has supported hundreds of students from Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, and Colombia as Graduate Research Assistants.

Graduate research assistants contribute to diverse research efforts at the Bureau:

  • Analyzing satellite imagery, 3-D and 2-D seismic data, and petrophysical attributes
  • Constructing maps, cross sections, and databases using well logs, seismic data, GIS, and other interpretative software
  • Conducting reservoir characterization studies

The Bureau supports approximately 30 graduate students each semester, about 20 percent of them from Latin American countries. Some of these students have become professors or senior managers and leaders of industry and government agencies in their home countries.