Seismic Imaging by Riemannian Wavefield Extrapolation

Sergey B. Fomel, principal investigator

We are developing the theory, numerical algorithm, and prototype implementation of seismic imaging by Riemannian wavefield extrapolation (RWE). RWE was proposed by Sava and Fomel (2004) for imaging steeply dipping and overturning reflections in geologically complex exploration areas, such as deep subsalt structures in the Gulf of Mexico.

RWE belongs to the class of wave-equation extrapolation methods that are known to handle accurately large-velocity contrasts, multipathing, and band-limited wave propagation effects. Instead of conventional downward extrapolation, RWE employs a coordinate transformation to extrapolate waves numerically in a direction close to the preferential direction of natural wave propagation. As a result, one can accurately image large propagation angles, including overturning salt-flank reflections, using inexpensive extrapolation operators.


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July 2005