Narrow Azimuth Migration

Sergey B. Fomel, principal investigator

We are developing the theory, numerical algorithm, and prototype implementation of narrow-azimuth migration, a powerful and efficient method for 3-D seismic imaging of marine streamer data.

Narrow-azimuth migration takes advantage of the narrow-azimuth character of data acquired by marine streamers to increase the efficiency of seismic imaging by wavefield extrapolation methods. A new theory is being developed to account for inadequate approximation in common-azimuth migration and corrected for small rotation in the offset azimuth of the propagating wavefield. We anticipate that this theory will lead to a noticeable improvement in current seismic imaging technology. An additional increase in efficiency comes from implementing the narrow-azimuth algorithm on parallel computer clusters.


For more information, please contact Sergey Fomel, principal investigator. Telephone 512-475-9573;

July 2005