Differential Azimuth Moveout

Sergey B. Fomel, principal investigator

We are developing the theory, numerical algorithm, and prototype implementation of differential azimuth moveout, a new powerful method for regularizing 3-D seismic reflection data.

In theory, differential azimuth moveout is represented by a partial differential equation, whose role with respect to integral (Kirchhoff) azimuth moveout is similar to the role of the wave equation with respect to Kirchhoff migration. In practice, we anticipate differential azimuth moveout to behave as a compact, local, accurate, and efficiently computed regularization operator. The operator is applied iteratively to produce regular output from irregular input.


For more information, please contact Sergey Fomel, principal investigator. Telephone 512-475-9573;
e-mail sergey.fomel@beg.utexas.edu.

July 2005