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Energy Research

The Fossil Energy component conducts approximately two-thirds of the current Bureau research effort. This component of the Bureau focuses on research involving energy resources, primarily oil and natural gas. It includes four Industrial Associates programs for basic research, as well as numerous sponsored-research projects funded by the State of Texas, the DOE, and individual companies or groups of companies.

Main areas of focus include salt tectonics, carbonate and clastic reservoir characterization, fracture characterization and prediction, multicomponent seismic applications, and basin analysis. We are noted for continuing to bring insight and innovation from outcrop studies to the evolving science of reservoir characterization. With 70% of in-place reserves typically remaining in the ground at the time of oil field abandonment, this research has enduring economic and societal importance.

For more information, please contact Eric C. Potter, Associate Director for Energy. Telephone 512-471-7090 or e-mail
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