Completed Study
Evaluation of Tertiary Plays of Eastern Mexico Basins
Edgar H. Guevara, David C. Jennette, William A. Ambrose, Jerome A. Bellian, Dallas B. Dunlap, Shirley P. Dutton, Khaled Fouad, Mark H. Holtz, Michael R. Hudec, Martin P. A. Jackson, Rebecca Jones, Luis A. Sanchez-Barreda, Suhas Talukdar (consultant), and Timothy F. Wawrzyniec
The joint Bureau-PEMEX Exploration and Production study of the Macuspana and Veracruz Basins in Eastern Mexico was completed in December 2001. The gas plays in the Miocene-Pliocene section of the on-land and offshore portions of the basins were defined and assessed during this 20-month project. The multidisciplinary, integrated study provided a regional synthesis of the geological framework, petroleum systems, and petrophysical and engineering characteristics of the basins. The study involved close cooperation and participation of PEMEX management and staff.
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February 2003