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Texas Rock Kit (RK)

Each kit includes eight specimens that are approximately ½ inch in diameter. A card with a description of each rock or mineral is also included in the kit.

The cost per kit is $2.00 plus tax and shipping . (Personal credit cards, cash, and personal checks are taxable; school and school district cards and checks are tax exempt.)

The rocks and minerals in the rock kit may change from time to time, according to their availability, but the kit will most likely contain calcite, granite, basalt, sandstone, gneiss, limestone, chert, schist, milky quartz, feldspar, or talc. Each kit will always include the three rock families: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. Sorry, but we cannot customize our rock kits.

We sell thousands of rock kits each year to teachers, students, and the general public. If you are interested in purchasing a large order (more than 100 kits), please let us know 2 months in advance of your event so that we can start working on it. We work on each order as it arrives and do not have a large inventory. Contact the BEG book store for more information.

Eight samples of Central Texas rocks, 1 data card. RK0001, $2.00 (plus tax). Contact Publications Sales for ordering information.


The Texas Virtual Rock Kit is designed for people who want to know more about Texas rocks and minerals. Click on each specimen for a more detailed description.


Here is the list and description of additional rocks and minerals that may be substituted in the rock kit:

We would like to thank and acknowledge these Texas mineral producers who have graciously donated rocks and minerals, presently and in the past, for the rock kits:

  • Austin White Lime Company
  • Cactus Canyons Quarry
  • Cold Spring Granite Company
  • Martin Marietta Materials
  • Oglebay Norton Industrial Sands
  • Texas Architectural Aggregate
  • Vulcan Construction Materials
  • Zemex Industrial Minerals

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The Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG) is a major research unit at The University of Texas at Austin and also serves as the Texas Geological Survey. Our state survey mission includes providing information about Texas geology to the public, such as that contained in our Texas rock kit.



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