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Bedayat, H., and Dahi Taleghani, A., 2015, Pressurized Poroelastic Inclusions: Short-term and Long-term Asymptotic Solutions: Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, 9 p.,

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Zhu, J., Sun, D., Young, M. H., Caldwell, T., and Pan, F., 2014, Shrub spatial organization and partitioning of evaporation and transpiration in arid environments: Ecohydrology, 11 p.,


BEG Peer-reviewed Papers


Agartan, E., Trevisan, L., Cihan, A., Birkholzer, J. T., Zhou, Q., and Illangasekare, T. H., 2015, Experimental study on effects of geologic heterogeneity in enhancing dissolution trapping of supercritical CO2: Water Resources Research, v. 51, no. 3, p. 1635-1648,

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