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Bedayat, H., and Dahi Taleghani, A., 2015, Pressurized Poroelastic Inclusions: Short-term and Long-term Asymptotic Solutions: Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, 9 p.,

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Zhu, J., Sun, D., Young, M. H., Caldwell, T., and Pan, F., 2014, Shrub spatial organization and partitioning of evaporation and transpiration in arid environments: Ecohydrology, 11 p.,


BEG Peer-reviewed Papers


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Sun, A. Y., Miranda, R. M., and Xu, X., 2015, Development of multi-metamodels to support surface water quality management and decision making: Environmental Earth Sciences, v. 73, no. 1, p. 423-434,


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