DOE Fossil Energy Projects in Your State


Full-Text Presentations


Reserve Growth Potential from CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery Along the Gulf Coast. December 13, Houston

Symposium on Improved Profits Through Best Managed Practice. Corpus Christi, November 1

Introduction to Mining the Internet: Using Free GIS Data and Low Cost Software for the Oil & Gas Professional. Midland, September 13, and Farmington, NM, September 15

Material Balance, Modeling and Simulation: Reservoir Engineering Tools. Past, Present, and Future. Houston, June 29

Turning Emissions into Significant Profits. Corpus Christi, June 16

Barnett Shale Symposium III. Farmer's Branch, June 8–9


Barnett Shale and Other Fort Worth Basin Plays. Farmer's Branch, June 22-23

From the Matrix to the Market—What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You. Houston, July 28

Polymer and Polymer-Gel Water Shutoff Treatments: What It Takes To Be Successful and Illustrative Field Applications. Houston, August 25

Produced Water and Associated Issues. Wichita Falls, November 4

Essentials of Subsurface Mapping Workshop. San Antonio, November 10

Stratigraphic Synthesis of Paleozoic Oil-Bearing Depositional Systems: Data and Models for Recovering Exisiting and Undiscovered Hydrocarbon Resources from the Permian Basin. Midland, November 30, and Houston, December 7

Deep Gas Well Stimulation Workshop. Houston, December 8


First Annual Fluids Symposium Reservoir Fluids 2003--PVT and Beyond. Houston, June 25