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Permian Basin Program

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PTTC Texas–Permian Basin Program Director

Robert "Bob" D. Kiker

Bob Kiker is a thirty-year veteran of Conoco, retiring in 1994 to assume the position of Executive Vice President of the Permian Basin Petroleum Association. Bob held this position until February 1998, when he resigned to form Robert D. Kiker Inc. to pursue his personal goal as a consultant in operating and regulatory practices for the oil and gas industry. In April 1999, Bob was selected to fill the new Permian Basin Mentor position for the PTTC –Texas Region. In 2001 Bob was selected as a member of the steering committee for the Applied Petroleum Technology Academy (APTA) an entity established by Jim Henry of Henry Petroleum to provide field training for foreign oil and gas employees. Bob served as APTA's first Executive Director and now serves as President Elect. Bob was the Chairman of the Society of Petroleum Engineer’s Permian Basin Section for the year 2002-2003. He is the author of numerous petroleum technology papers, manuals, and makes annual presentations at petroleum association and technical conferences.

Archive of Recent Permian Basin Events

Production Data: Collecting It and Using It! March 2005

Lunch and Learn: Technology in Well Optimization Utilitizing New Technologies in Field Automation and Remote Monitoring December 2004

Stratigraphic Synthesis of Paleozoic Oil-bearing Depositional Systems: Data and Models for Recovering Existing and Undiscovered Oil Resources from the Permian Basin November and December 2004

Produced Water and Associated Issues November 2004

Lunch and Learn: Low-Cost and Efficient Digital Collection of Production Data Using Hand-Held Units March 2004

Meeting: Integrated Synthesis of Permian Basin Depositional Systems: Data and Models for Recovering Existing and Undiscovered Oil Resources from the Largest Hydrocarbon-bearing Basin in the U.S. January 2004

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