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Archive of Texas PTTC Workshops


CO2 School (Midland, January 29–February 1)

Introduction to ArcGIS® with Petroleum Industry Exercises (Farmer's Branch, Dallas, November 29-30)

Fundamentals of ArcGIS for the Petroleum Industry (Farmer's Branch, Dallas, November 28)

The Gulf Coast Mesozoic Sandstone Gas Province Symposium [pdf] (Tyler, November 16)

Barnett Shale-Gas Play of the Fort Worth Basin (Midland, November 8 and Houston, November 14)

The Oil Field from Planning to Plugging (Farmer's Branch, Dallas, November 9-10)

Geoscience for Non-geologists with Emphasis on Petroleum Resources (Farmer's Branch, Dallas, October 24-26)

Oil and Gas Operations in Urban Areas [pdf] (Farmer’s Branch, Dallas, October 17)

Introduction to Oilfield Explosives Safety Seminar
(Houston, August)

Designing and Forecasting Waterfloods Using “Reservoir Grail”—“The Best Place to Find Oil is in Oil Fields!” (Midland, August 1)

Hydraulic Fracturing Technology and Case Studies—Tight Gas Sands and Shales
(Tyler, July 11 and Irving, July 12)

Producers Technology Transfer Workshop—Natural Gas STAR Program (pdf)
(Midland, June 8)

Producers Technology Transfer Workshop—Natural Gas STAR Program (pdf)
(Fort Worth, June 6)

Petroleum Geoscience: Basics of Petroleum Generation, Migration, Trapping and the Oil Business (Farmer's Branch, May 4–5)

West Texas Barnett Shale Symposium (pdf) (Midland, April 19)

Hydraulic Fracturing Technology and Case Studies in Permian Basin Tight Gas Sands and Shales (Midland, March 30)

The Tight Gas Sands of the Cotton Valley Formation of East Texas: A Core Workshop (Austin, March 7-8)

Horizontal Well Technologies and Coalbed Methane Applications (Houston, February 8)


A meeting to discuss the proposal for an industry-sponsored consortium onStratigraphic Architecture, Structural Styles, and Sandstone Reservoir Quality in the Deep Shelf Gas Play of Texas State Waters: Year 2 (Houston, December 15)

Reserve Growth Potential from CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery Along the Gulf Coast (Houston, December 13)

Fundamentals of Seismic Interpretation (Farmer's Branch, November 1-2)

Midland College / SPE-PB Barnett Shale Symposium (Midland, November 1)

Material Balance, Modeling, and Simulation: Reservoir Engineering Tools Past, Present and Future (Houston, June 29)

Turning Emissions into Significant Profits (Corpus Christi, June 14)

Barnett Shale Symposium III (Farmer's Branch, June 8–9)

Sand Control Workshop (Houston, March 2)

Rocks, Pores, and Capillary Pressure: The Hole Story on How to Understand Reservoirs and Seals by Thinking Like Oil and Gas (Farmer's Branch, March 1–2)

Production Data: Collecting It and Using It! (Midland, March 1)


Lunch and Learn: Technology in Well Optimization Utilitizing New Technologies in Field Automation and Remote Monitoring (Midland, December 1)

Stratigraphic Synthesis of Paleozoic Oil-bearing Depositional Systems: Data and Models for Recovering Existing and Undiscovered Oil Resources from the Permian Basin (Midland, November 30 and Houston, December 7)

Essentials of Subsurface Mapping (San Antonio, November 10)

Produced Water and Associated Issues (Wichita Falls, November 4)

Unconventional Reservoirs Symposium (Farmer's Branch, November 3)

Polymer and Polymer-Gel Water Shutoff Treatments: What It Takes To Be Successful and Illustrative Field Applications (Houston, August 25)

From the Matrix to the Market--What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You (Houston, July 28)

Operators Working in Offshore Texas State Waters Royalty Leases (Houston, June 15)

Barnett Shale and Other Fort Worth Basin Plays (Farmer's Branch, June 22-23)

Lunch and Learn: Low-Cost and Efficient Digital Collection of Production Data Using Hand-Held Units (Midland, March 31)

Meeting: Integrated Synthesis of Permian Basin Depositional Systems: Data and Models for Recovering Existing and Undiscovered Oil Resources from the Largest Hydrocarbon-bearing Basin in the U.S. (Midland, January 15)

Soil Remediation Workshop (Tyler, January)


Reservoir Fluids 2003--PVT and Beyond (LaFayette, LA, November 12)

Lunch and Learn: Low-Cost Rod Pump Control (Midland, October 16 and Houston, October 21)

Understanding Paraffin and Asphaltene Problems in Oil and Gas Wells (San Angelo, September 3)

Produced Water and Associated Issues (Midland, August 26 and Farmer's Branch, August 27)

Lunch and Learn: Rapid Cross-Section Generation Utilizing Riley Electric Log's Raster Log Images and Divestco's Cross Log Suite Software (August 7)

Reservoir Fluids 2003--PVT and Beyond (Houston, June 25)

New Methods for Locating and Recovering Remaining Hydrocarbons in the Permian Basin (Midland, May 29)

Well Cuttings Workshop (Houston, April 15)


Coalbed Methane Potential in Texas, Louisiana, and Mexico (Austin, October 30)

Wellbore Management (Midland, September 17)

Seismic Stratigraphic Log Modeling Utilizing DigiRule's Synthetic Suite™ Software (Farmer's Branch, September 26)

New Resources from Old Fields:Revitalizing Gas Exploration and Production in the Gulf of Mexico Shelf Province (Houston, September 26)

Interpreting 3-D Carbonate Stratigraphy Using 1-D Data (Midland, August 22-23)

Wellbore Management (Amarillo, May 7)

DOE Field-Oriented Research Projects for Independents (Tyler, February 6)


Optimized Horizontal Well Technology (Dallas, May 7and Midlanbd, May 11 and December 18)

DOE Field-Oriented Research Projects for Independents (Midland, November 6)

Inexpensive, Rapid Cross-section Generation Utilizing MJ Systems' Raster Log Images and DigiRule's CrossLog Suite™ Software (Midland, October 3 and Farmer's Branch, November 15)

Minimizing Energy Costs for the Oil Industry in Texas (Odessa, Irving, and San Antonio, June)

Putting the Internet to Work (Austin, May 10)

Predicting Reservoir Quality Using Diagenetic Models (San Antonio, April 11)

Wellbore Management (Midland, March 22)


Coalbed Methane Potential of the Gulf Coast (Houston, October 28)

Distributed Energy Resources in the Oil Patch (Houston, May 15)

Electronic Compliance and Approval Process (ECAP) and No-cost Seminars on Electronic Information Resources (Midland, Houston, Corpus Christi, May)

Coalbed Methane (Houston, March 9)

Reservoir Characterization Technologies for the Next Millennium: Virtual Reality, Multicomponent Seismic, Fracture Modeling, and Borehold Imaging (Midland, February 1)