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Introduction to Mining the Internet: Using Free GIS Data and Low Cost Software for the Oil & Gas Professional

Same Workshop, 2 Locations
Tuesday, September 13, Midland, Texas
Thursday, September 15, Farmington, New Mexico

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Instructor: David Bickerstaff, Petroleum Geologist, Bickerstaff Associates, Inc., Denver, Colorado
http://www.bickerstaffassociates.com/; e-mail david@bickerstaffassociates.com

Who should attend
This course should be useful for geologists and engineers, as well as hydrologists, city and county planners, and other professionals who could use a low cost yet powerful program that would help them create maps and analyze all kinds of spatial data. Examples will be drawn primarily from the oil and gas world, but the data and processes are applicable to many other types of use.

This hands-on computer class is designed to introduce students to the vast amounts of free GIS and petroleum-related data available on the Internet. Participants will browse and download data including well spots, PLSS, water features, roads, DEMS, and topographic maps. Utilizing inexpensive ($245) Manifold mapping software, students will load and display the data while discussing import/export and map projection options. A free 30 day trial version of Manifold software (http://manifold.net) is available.

Manifold System 6.00 is an integrated system that simultaneously works with vector drawings, satellite and aerial photos, other raster images, raster data, multichannel remote sensing images, 2D and 3D surfaces and terrain simulations, multilayered maps, user supplied or automatically generated labels and a vast range of database table formats. Manifold is the first and only professional GIS and mapping application to achieve the coveted "Designed For Windows XP" status. When installed in Windows XP, Manifold System automatically configures the "look and feel" of the product to match Windows XP. To assure compatibility with Microsoft data access standards, Manifold uses Microsoft's own code to connect to Microsoft file types (such as Access .mdb and Excell .xls) as well as to Windows standard database providers such as Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, and MySql. Thus, Manifold is directly compatible with Microsoft products such as Access and Excel as well as with all of the thousands of other Microsoft standard, third party programs that use Microsoft's database formats and data access methods.

*For more information about the Midland workshop, please contact Bob Kiker (432-552-3432)
**For more information about the Farmington workshop, please contact Liz Bustamante (505-835-5142)

For more information, please call Sigrid Clift at 512-471-0320.
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