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Petroleum Technology Transfer Council Texas and Southwest Regions and the Midland College Petroleum Professional Development Center Present
Production Data: Collecting It and Using It!

Tuesday, March 1, 2005
Advanced Technology Center, Midland College

Thursday, March 17, 2005
Farmington, New Mexico
Workshop Description
This workshop will present (1) a comprehensive survey of the methods being currently used by more than 30 operators to capture field production data; (2) an overview of current production accounting software alternatives;(3) two companies who have developed digital technology to capture production data and interface with production accounting software; and (4) new technologies in field automation and remote monitoring of asset performance to effectively optimize well and field production data.

Who Should Attend
Oil and gas operator’s production managers, field production supervisors, pumpers and lease operators, office production accounting personnel, engineers, regulatory personnel, and field and office production administrative personnel.

1. Bob Kiker, PTTC Texas Region-Permian Basin Program Director: Survey results
2. Rick Griffin Sr., Account Manager-HIS/Field Direct: (1) Right-Time Data: Ensuring no well is left behind.
    (2) The benefits of field automation are well-established for “Superstar” wells and top field assets.
    (3)But what about the other 95% of onshore wells?
3. Faisal Kidwai, Vice President, Merrick Systems, Inc.: Cost savings and work flow efficiencies through integrated field
    data capture and production hydrocarbon accounting solutions.
4. Dan McCormick, President/CEO, Metrix Networks, Inc.: Technology in well optimization-utilizing new technologies
    in field automation and remote monitoring.

An overview of current production accounting software alternatives. A brief coverage of most current available production accounting software (Artesia, P2 Energy Systems, Excalibur), their basic function, and how they interface with field production data gathering will be included in the presentations.

Survey Background
This comprehensive survey conducted by Bob Kiker, PTTC Texas-Permian Basin, was conducted to: (1) accumulate information on the techniques/methods operators in the Permian Basin are using to collect, record and transmit daily production (oil, gas, water), and other associated operational data and (2) determine if the methods that are used correlate with size of the operator (operations) and/or location (remote or centralized). The survey indicates there is a “mix” of methods being used by the operators surveyed and the methods tend to be a result of the needs or the philosophies of the operators, the status of mergers and buy-outs (who is the surviving entity) with new systems and technologies being tried, and the quality of the communications between field and office. The new digital technologies available are greatly improved and offer time saving opportunities, but there is a need for good communications between the field personnel and the office personnel who are responsible for production accounting. The larger companies are not as efficient as the smaller ones, probably because of the accounting bureaucracy of the larger ones.

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