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Ellison Miles Geotechnology Institute Presents
Fundamentals of Seismic Interpretation

November 1 and 2, 2005
Ellison Miles Geotechnology Institute

Who Should Attend
Technical and business professionals (such as geologists, engineers, landmen, administrators, executive assistants, and finance and planning professionals) working in the oil and gas industry who would like the basics of the “science” of oil business. Land and royalty owners, as well as recent geology and geophysics graduates who would like an overview of the petroleum geophysics would also benefit from the course.

About The Course
The course will be taught on a level that will address geoscientists and non-geoscientists. The basics of seismology will be covered as well as acquisition, processing, and interpretation. Exercises will be worked in the course to demonstrate different interpretation techniques and pitfalls. The emphasis will be to make students aware of the strengths and limitations of seismic reflection data in exploring for oil and gas. Applied examples will be shown of several case studies as well as the application of AVO (amplitude variation with offset) and seismic attributes in the lowering of risk.

Course Syllabus

1. Exploration seismology fundamentals
2. Interpretation methods and strategies
3. Structural interpretation of seismic data
4. Sequence stratigraphy
5. 5. Direct hydrocarbon indicators, amplitude-versus-offset, and seismic attributes
6. Case studies

Articles selected from the SEG Leading Edge will be referred to in the course and handed out on CD-ROM. All of the course notes and presentations will also be made available on CD-ROM.

About the Instructor
Dr. Weldon Beauchamp, Atlas Exploration and Production, Dallas
Weldon owns Atlas exploration and production in Dallas. He is a consultant, prospect generator, and participant in oil and gas projects. He has worked for several companies, including ARCO as a geophysicist. He has published various papers in international journals and as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Texas at Dallas, has given undergraduate and graduate courses on seismic exploration methods.
Contact: Dr. Weldon Beauchamp, Atlas Exploration & Production LLC, 12740 Hillcrest Road, Suite 290, Dallas, Texas; (214)-866-0105, (214)-395-7125 cell;;;

For more information, please call Sigrid Clift at 512-471-0320.